About Spooky

The rock ‘n’ roll renaissance witch, punk rock vamp, Queen of Weird.

Hi, I’m Spooky. Call me Spooky. I’m a Black Modern Day Renaissance Woman. I like a lot of things and I have many artistic talents and hobbies:

-solo musician, singer/songwriter
-music enthusiast, curator, musicologist
-head manager, co-founder, and marketing director of Weird Radio
-vintage everything enthusiast, mostly anything from mid-60s to early 90s
-self-portrait artist and DIY model
-muse to a Scorpio vampire
-an actual vampire
-visual storyteller
-content curator, when IG wants to cooperate (which is never, but I do my best in spite of it)
-herbalist + lover of all things nature
-beginning filmmaker
-visual artist
-stylist (I style my own outfits, does that count)
-Polyglot in the making
-Future tea maker
And honestly a whole lot more.

I’m not outgoing at all, not sorry to disappoint ya. I prefer to let everything I do and create speak for itself.
With all the creative tings I do, I essentially strive to eliminate misconceptions and perceptions of the Black woman and show that we are not only multifaceted and complex, but we also possess an endless range of talents, interests, and knowledge. In short, I’m #TeamBlackGirlsDoingWhateverThe[expletive]TheyWant.
Enter the universe of Spooky!

Thank you for checking out my website. Keep scrolling/click forward for more info and links and stuff and tings.

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Please read this thoroughly before contacting me

-As of 5/10/2021, not granting interviews. Unless it’s print. I love print.
-My pronouns are she/her/hers.
-Always open to music and writing collabs.
-Always open to modeling collabs, although I’m particularly picky in this department—I have some pretty specific ideas (hello, Virgo rising) so don’t take it personally if it doesn’t work out.
-NOT AT ALL interested in being any brand’s feeble attempt at diversity and inclusion—put your money where your mouth is or hit the bricks!
-If you’re reading this, you’re probably here from my Instagram. Congratulations! THAT IS MY ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA.
-No, seriously, it’s just my Vimeo and IG. I am absolutely not on anything else, this is it. Social media sucks.
-All content on my IG is 100% mine unless stated otherwise. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE ANY OF MY WORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
-Please note that I do take a while to respond to messages and enquiries. I always try to respond as soon as possible but in general expect a response in, at minimum, 24-72 hours.

To best get in contact, send your enquiries to [email protected] *OR* Send me a DM on IG. Yknow, since I’ve allowed it now.

Songwriting Credits

Ongoing portfolio of songs written or co-written by me. All songs can be found on Spotify by searching either Skyler Meany or Spooky Bambina.

-“Vorpal Void of Purple Shores”
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me, Miguel Hurtado)
-“Lone Star”
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me)
-“Red Tree Cyclone”
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me, Miguel Hurtado)
-Get Well Soon
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me)
-Stop the Spread
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me)
-Tiger King Holiday
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me)
-Ile de Mort, Acts II-V and Coda by Skyler Meany (feat. Me)
-Bum Diddley Dum
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me, Miguel Hurtado)
-Tokyo Horse
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me, Miguel Hurtado)
-Pepperoni Mustard Milkshake
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me, Miguel Hurtado)
-Revolution Is Written In Graffiti
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me)
-Anarchists Anonymous
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me)
by Skyler Meany (feat. Me, Miguel Hurtado, Vincent Pili) [dedicated to our late friend Kevin Hole]
-Itchy Dress Sunday, Office Version
By me, Abeni