Spooky Bambina.

Musician | Writer | Florida’s only Black punk rock vampire.

Welcome to my portfolio. It’s kind of still under construction after all this time (as if 8-24-2022), don’t mind the mess.

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About Spooky™️

The neurodivergent rock ‘n’ roll renaissance witch, punk rock vamp, Queen of Weird.

Hi, I’m Spooky. Call me Spooky™️, an MDRW [Modern Day Renaissance Woman].
I like a lot of things and have many artistic talents and hobbies:

-musician, singer, songwriter, producer
-music enthusiast, curator, musicologist
-DJ and founding member of Weird Radio [ON HIATUS AS OF JULY ‘22]
-vintage everything curator, mostly anything from mid-60s to early 90s
-self-portrait artist + DIY model
-muse, devoted wife of a Scorpio vampire
-an actual vampire
-also an actual wood elf
-sensualist in the pursuit of total pleasure—learning my own pleasures and owning them.
-visual storyteller
-content creator
-content curator, when IG wants to cooperate (which is never, but I do my best in spite of it)
-herbalist + lover of all things nature
-beginning filmmaker
-visual artist
-stylist (I style my own outfits, does that count)
-Polyglot in the making
And honestly a whole lot more.

I’m not outgoing at all; preferring to let everything I do + create speak for itself. Let’s make something very clear:

-Not interested in being any brand or artist’s feeble attempt at diversity and inclusion; put your money where your mouth is or hit the bricks!
-I don’t coddle to white feelings, nor do I do or create anything for white consumption or approval. Read that again until it is ingrained into your mind.

With all the creative stuff I do, I aim to eliminate misconceptions + perceptions of the Black woman/femme and show that we are not only multifaceted and complex, but we also possess an endless range of talents, interests, and knowledge. In short, I’m #TeamBlackGirlsDoingWhateverThe[H*ck]TheyWant.
Enter the universe of Spooky™️!

Thank you for checking out this portfolio. Keep scrolling/click forward for more info and links and stuff and tings.


Please read this thoroughly before contacting me

-No, I am not granting interviews for the foreseeable future—unless it’s print ;).
-ALWAYS open to music collabs!
-All content on my IG is 100% mine, unless stated otherwise. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE ANY OF MY WORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
-IMPORTANT: I always try to respond to enquiries ASAP, but in general expect a response in, at minimum, 24-96 hours. I’m an introvert with social anxiety + ADHD, so sending even ONE message is often draining for me. I am begging you, PLEASE make the first move and message me first.
-If I have not responded and it’s been weeks or even months, I am not ignoring you or avoiding you; just be patient! Great things come to those who wait ;).
-If you just want to say hi, please do! I am a vampire and know my full worth as a queen, but I won’t sink my teeth into you unless you ask.

To best get in contact, send your enquiries to spookybambina at gmail dot com (thanks bots). *OR* Send me a DM on IG.
Did you read this whole thing thoroughly? Good. Pity, people just don’t read anymore, do they?