Krista Clay

Work from home mom of 4 kids and 2 doodles. Loving my new life as my own boss! I've done me and now my goal is to help you get to where you want to be. Whether you want to make you house and car smell amazing or change your life. I am here to help you!

Let me properly introduce myself! My name is Krista Clay, and I am a Director and Independent Consultant with Pink Zebra. I will be your consultant! I found Pink Zebra almost 5 years ago when I was invited to an online party I had no desire to go to. Thank goodness I did because of what was to come. I fell in love with Farmhouse Cider and decided I love the product so I joined just to get my discount! LOL.... Little did I know that 1 year into italked in and fired my boss and Pink Zebra became my full time job! What!! I know it seems so crazy!

This side gig has changed my whole life. For the first time, at 47 years old and a single mom of 4, I can finally stay home, work on my phone and have so many freedoms! Freedom to travel, freedom from bills, freedom to work when and from where I want, freedom to help others change their life. Having a 26 year old autistic daughter along with an 8 year old has many reasons why that is so important! Yes my kids are 26, 24, 23 and 8. I never would have imagined the income along with the 5 incentive trips and over 1200 team members. WHAT!? Yes it is real! Who knew! My only regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago!

Enough about me! I am so happy that you are here and I hope you enjoy checking out Pink Zebra!

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