About me !

“ You cannot find peace by avoiding life. Go out and attack it”-THEGOODVIBE.co

Gratefully because of this opportunity I am a business entrepreneur, who helps others build a lifestyle of freedom, community, financial abundance and so much more!
Before I started with this company I was in a very dark part of my life. Things have always been a struggle for me, with foster care, adoption, abuse, anxiety, depression, addiction, body image issues, eating issues, I have always had a lot going on and a lot on my plate to be dealing with but I never did, eventually it took a toll on me and I was ending up in the hospital for not taking care of myself and it really made me realize how dirty I was doing not just my mental self but my physical self. over the past two years I have been taking a very rocky spiritual and physical journey. I have slowly been dealing with everything that I suppressed and didn’t deal with for 18 years and I decided I wanted to do better, be better, find what works for for me. It has not been easy stuck in my apartment in my head but just when I felt like giving up again and falling back into my old patterns instead of pushing forwards and continuing to make the change I know I need to live my dream life, I ran into this opportunity.
At first I was scared I thought it was fake but then I got on a FaceTime with my mentor and upline Kiersten. it felt like a sign. I had such a strong gut feeling and I did it cause it was everything I ever looked for in a job in one, I could have a reason to start putting myself and my story out so that maybe I can help people who have been through the same things or similar thing that I went through, I could continue my own healing journey plus I could make money doing it !
I joined the team which has been so blessed ! It’s still a work in progress but who isn’t !!
“ don’t compare ur chapter one to someone else’s chapter 30 “ one of my favourite quotes !!
I think that if you’re looking a a fresh start, something that makes you feel apart of something, supported, like you’re being heard, plus you can self grow every single day there is something new that if you let it, can take your life, your mood, and your wealth, your story to the next level, more then you ever even thought possible, everything you’ve ever dreamed is possible if you let it be possible.
Join me on my journey and let your journey be heard too! ! ☺️