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For instagram and twitter

Hii i'm Viola, she/her, 16y, italian ˙ᵕ˙
I made this ms for my twt and insta account.
↬my real name is Viola but on social you can call me basilico!

↬i talk in italian/english sometimes.

↬i kin miyako (shounen maid), mizuki (prosekai) and kind of ciel (black butler)

↬I'm suuuuuper friendly basically with everyone so if i'm interested in your tweets/photos or we are moots i'll interact with you for sure, let me know if this bother you so i'll stop!!!

↬as i said since i'm a friendly person there are no problems if you dm me or you interact with me, i love talking with people :D

↬i usually talk random in my profiles, "private" life, things i like, things i do etcetera...
!! I might talk also about things i buy/money i spend so if this bother you you're warned !!

↬i try to avoid talking about too serious matters and to not arguing/be in dramas, i want my profiles to be a safe and comfy place for people <3

↬i joke a lot sooo don't take the things i say too serious, mostly if i use a lot of emoji loll

↬i'm a newbie in lolita/ouji world so if you are a part of this i'll appreciate so much if you wanna help me or giving advices
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Let's talk about really important things eheheh
I love videogames, especially rhythm ones, i've played a quite amount of them: osu, project diva, muse dash, bandori, cytus, lanota, arcea, lovelive (+others) but the ones i'm currently playing are
Enstars and project sekai
Here my idddd
Enstars jp: mijnczhc
Prosekai ch: 7034518554124966657
++ my fav otome
A3 jp: 573110731
♡My number 1 favs for these games are tori, mizuki, hisoka♡
PLS NOTE!! i'm not the kind of super obsessed player, i play for fun, when i have time and i want to, no pressure
I also love rpgs, my favourite game ever is omori!! I love basil💔
+I've played a part of wild arms 1, corpse party and a lil of undertale but i know other rpgs well
+recently i started playing genshin again
my uid: (later, i'm lazy) ---------------♡
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anime and manga!!

I'm also an anime and manga fan and i really enjoy talk about them so
I might post some spoilers but don't worry i'll make a spoiler alert before it :D

Here a list of my favourite
ANIME= Ajin, hxh, moriarty the patriot, black butler, gosick, devilman crybaby, samurai champloo, 91 days, dororo, akudama drive, evangelion (oh no... I don't like historical manga as you can see...)

MANGA= vanitas no carte, black butler, ajin, land of the lustrous, tokyo revengers, from the red fog, the requiem of the night king (but i'm trying to read more :p)
I'll put my anime list in the linksss
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Ok that's the last slide about me, i swear, we're talking about music!
I listen to jpop and vocaloid, i actually follow a lot of artists but most of them have difficult Japanese names so idk how to call them ://
The one i listen the most are
Eve, bin, ado, kaf, dustcell, yoh kamiyama, yonezu, chö shu nie, UVERworld, ive, mafumafu
++ i listen too anime/games ost and music from the idol games i play!!
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