The Duolab

Skincare meets technology

Our breakthrough skin care technology spent over six years in Research & Development…
- 23 patents.
-6 unique formulas are non comedogenic, vegan, preservative free, and suitable for all skin types.

Patented Technology
Emulsifies & activates
-To achieve last-minute activation of active ingredients for peak potency
-Easily blends in only 90 seconds

Thermocosmetic warms the cream
-Heated to match the skin temperature for supreme blendability
-The warming sensation helps to open the pores to promote effective absorption
-Provides a delightful sensorial experience

Contactless technology
-Keeps the sterile cream pure
-No need to clean the device

The best part? It's completely
exclusive to LimeLife.

Sydney, the one who learned to love herself

Mom, wife, leader, friend.

I’ve been there. You’re feeling confused and in a slump because you have no idea when it happened.

Life got busy, you got overwhelmed, and you started to lose yourself in the midst of everything else going on in your world.

You began to let yourself get away with things you never would have before. You let others walk over you and treat you like you were something less of the queen you knew you were.

But then something happened & you got up. You CHOSE to keep going, because you are a fighter. You are strong, worthy & beautiful. You became a better— no the best version of you.

You got your groove back— go use it mama🖤

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Create Confidence Collection

What you get:
Bronzer/Blush Duo Palette
Pick Any Two: Mascara, eyeliner, brow product
Enduring Lip Color
Champagne Glow Drops

Perfect Foundation

Our highly pigmented, paraben-free foundation has been a staple of professional makeup artists for decades, it’s vegan, cruelty free, wax base perfection.

Bronzer/Blush Duo

Choose any two of the highly pigmented bronzer, blush or translucent powder. Whether you want a pop of color on those cheeks are contour the day away!

Take Two

You have the option to choose two of any eye product(excluding shadows) Mascara, eyeliner pen, eyeliner pencil, brow gel or brow pencil. You can add some extra color with one of our duo eyeliner pencils or keep it simple with mascara and brow gel.

Endurling Lip Color

This Is where things get fun choose a color that five with your personality or one you wouldn’t dare wear! You never know just how Fierce you are until you wear that bold color

Glow Drops

The coconut infused liquid glow drops are a must! Hydrating + add the most beautiful glow. They can be used as primer, eyeshadow or as highlighter.

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