Dark Horses

Stars can't shine without the dark

Admin: Luna Emberlund

Hi, my name is Luna Emberlund and I am the owner of Dark Horses on the SSO USA Maple Star server. Ever since I was little, I have been in love with horses. There’s just something about being in a saddle and bonding with a horse that feels truly amazing and powerful. I always dreamed of taking regular riding lessons in real life, however, I haven’t been able to yet in my lifetime so I turned to SSO because it’s the next best thing to make that dream come to life. Dark Horses is based around dressage and it’s a safe place that you can come to, to learn dressage and have fun with it! We also love to hang out and train, trail ride and laugh together. Our club so far is small but filled with such sweet and genuine girls. It makes the club experience so great and it truly feels like a family! My club makes me proud each and every day. I truly am proud of each individual club member and especially as a whole! As a club owner, it is important to me that my members get a long and work together to make SSO dressage something special and an escape from real life struggles. Each and every one of my members are like family and I will always have their back and I know that we will always have each others backs too.