I am

Sspilling myself

Hey there 🖐🏻. Sarah here. Let’s face it guys, the world is a MESS. So I’m here to spread a little love . Ambitious Hairstylist by day, deep thinker by night . Come get to know me 💘

Caramel swirl

Want something sweet ? Try going caramel this winter

Are you quarantined ?

My biggest pet peeve is not getting my nails done

Round two of this shut down has really put a damper on my mood, as well as my monthly self care days. So instead of getting them done, I’m doing them myself these days . Guys, you gotta check out the link, the UV light I use is soooo cheap!

All cookies on deck

Finally trying all of my Pinterest cookie Recipe’s

Who else has a “recipe’s I’d like to try” board on Pinterest ? Well my current (hopefully short) second round of unemployment has given me an abundance of time to try new recipes !

Dear santa,

All I want for Christmas is more coffee

We don’t look photoshopped in real life

And that’s okay ✨

Sometimes with social media, we get so caught up in how to make a picture look perfect, that we forget the importance of being ourselves . I think we all need to remind ourself that we’re perfect just the way we are .

Missing my winter brides

Is anyone else really missing being behind the chair ? When I’m back to work you can find me at Heed House Salon. ✨ link below !

Damaged or dry hair ?

Here’s your new best friend

Tis’ the season of candy cane dreams

Who else has been playing the games they played as kids ?

If I can help just one person

Then it was ALL worth it

Who’s your best friend

Or should I say, best FLOOF ?!

I bought a German shepherd puppy a little over two years ago on a whim. I had always wanted one but for whatever reason I decided that was the day ! Since then I can’t imagine my life without her . Dogs are family ✨

2020 has 23 days left. How will you spend them ?

Do you remember how happy you used to be

Before your first heartbreak ? Before someone close to you passed and you were left empty? Often I believe we forget that the point of life isn’t about things, its about being happy . So take a few minutes for you this week and do something that makes your soul happy . Get that expensive coffee, dance to your favorite song, and please smile at someone . You never know what someone else is going through and happiness is contagious .

If you couldn’t tell

I really won Christmas this year ! 🎄

So I was lucky enough to stumble upon a girls Instagram account by the name of lindseyloohoos that sells the most amazing custom clothing and so when I found this sweater I HAD to buy it . Guys go check her out !!