About Me

So happy you’re here✨

All of my life I dreamed of something better, even when I reached any type of goal, I always knew I could do more, be more, have more! I’ve been in a fitness competition, moved across country to California, raised babies and between all that dealt with real life challenges that (I think) have made me who I am today! I love my life but knew my passion for hair and skin combined with my entrepreneurial spirit could give me the financial and time freedom that I’ve always wanted! I was over the restaurant business that I’ve been in since I was 15. That’s when a friend approached me with an opportunity ....

That I wish I had taken up the first time!

She approached me about a company called Monat and I was hesitant because of course there is always self doubt, even when you know what you are capable of.

Anyways, after some thought I decided to work with her and this amazing company that would change everything! I could be my own boss, make my own hours, have financial freedom, be social and of course most importantly, always be present for my kids!

Life is not suppose to be hard, or stressful. I believe we are all here for a reason and we all have skills and passion that should be used, be used to be happy and life your best life!

I’d love for you all to embrace life, make it yours , enjoy time, be independent always and be able to have fun while working and making as much money as you can imagine!

Let me help you start ....✨