About Steff

Good vibes & positive mind!

Heyy Everyone!! Some of you might know me and for those who doesn’t here’s a little bit about myself! My name is Stefanny but i like to be call Steff or Steffy! Working out is my passion, am an animal lover and beer drinker! Weird rigth?! i enjoy reading books, listening to good music and be surrounded by good vibes peeps! I love to help people in every single way i can. One of my missions is to help people with their hair and skin issues using 100% vegan products, no silicons, no parabans, and cruelty free.

Want to know more about it? I invite you to take my hair and skin quiz, this products are personalized to everyones need and type of hair or skin. Lets talk and give yourself a chance to have healthy skin and hair.

About Monat

We are Modern Nature

Monat is a company that helps people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through their exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service and gratitude.
Monat, also known as....
Modern Nature, it is the fastest growing luxury hair care and skin care brand world wide! We focus entirely on premium hair care that promotes healthy hair growth and reverse damage at its finest. We also provide anti-aging skin care that has been used by celebs and has been in the cover of Forbes magazine, insane right? . And now we just lounged our Wellness Line 🤩 just wow!
Our full range hair care and skin care line is naturally based, cruelty-free, anti-aging and free of all harsh chemicals & toxins. Giving you the finest quality and high-performing ingredients from all over the world. This is a company that is booming due to all their exquisite products and fenomenal results in such a short amount of time.
So.. My question for you is,
Are you ready and willing to change up your beauty skin, hair routine and wellness into a safe, naturally based, high performance way?
If yes, reach out to me and I will give you the best and right products for your skin and hair.
I promise you 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Key ingredients
- Rejuvenique Oil intensive: Our proprietary blend of 13+ Natural Plant and Essential oils rich in Omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients.
- Capixyl: Protects & strengthens while supporting natural growth.
-Proctaline: Helps protect against environmental stresses by harnessing the power of antioxidants.
- Crodasorb: Helps protect your hair color from faiding, while providing beneficial treatment.
Key ingredients
- Rejuveniqe S: Monat's exclusive next generation hero ingredient comprised of 17 botanical oils shown to improve natural levels of hyaluronic acid.
- Natural Fruit Acids: Wakes up the skin as it brightens and renews
- Monat Exclusive Peptide: Softens and smooths while improving skin elasticity.
- Moss Cell Plant-Based Stem Cells: These plants rapair and regenerate by harnessing the power of millions of years of surviving, thriving, and healing.
The Choice Is Yours
If you are intersted in joining my team as a Vip Customer, you will recive:
- 15% discount
- Additional purchase + Savings, up to 25% off qualifying orders
- Free Only For You limited edition product included in each qualifying flexship order
- Free shipping
-Refer-A-Friend program
- Birthday gift
-Special offers and promotions
If you want to become my Market Partner you will :
- Earn money with Monat
- Consumable products in booming industries: Global beauty and personal care products market size anticipated to reach $716.6 billion USD by 2025
- Unrivaled compensation plan paying up to 50% with bonuses
- A culture of teamwork, collaboration, and gratitude
- Personal & Professional development
- Incentive trips
- 3-tiered car program
- Global expansion: build am international business
-30% discount off retail pricing
- Additional purchase + savings, up to 25% off qualifying orders.

The Team growing i’ll be more than happy to show you, teach you and walk with you through it all! So dont wait anymore and leta get you working. No inventory, 30day money back guarantee! What do you have to lose??