My favorite football team!

I started to focus on the World Cup since it was intresting and found football as a new entertainment. After the World Cup ended and Argentina won, I tried to find football clubs I have heard of. I found Barca and fell in love with it. It was a unique one. One that was filled with passion and not only made to succeed and win titles but to have a good time and as I said, have passion. I have been supporting Barca ever since and it has been the best decision. The club makes me feel happy and free. Watching them play calms my anxiety and makes me feel proud of who I’m supporting. <3

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I am gonna to have an account where I will post various different football content. For example, I will post national team content , Barca, etc. I will try my best to post frequently and will edit as much edits I can. I may not be available most times though. School is tough and stressful so please have patience. Thanks !

The national teams I support


100% my number one. Have awesome talent and I know that they showed their best at the wc. Hopefully they win many titles. They have improved sm and I am so proud of the national team that represents my country! 🇪🇨


Have awesome players. Have improved sm and have had their best year yet. Proud of them for winning the World Cup, they deserve it after all they have accomplished and hard work put into it.

🇪🇸 :: SPAIN

Awesome team! Have so much talent and hope they win many titles in the future! Tried their best and showed so much effort at the World Cup. So proud of what they have been doing.


Below is my Pinterest where I have rares of Barca and Brighton. Theres also national team rares like Spain, Ecuador, England, and Argentina.


Well, this is the end! Hope you enjoyed!

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