Stacey Wurfel

My healing journey has been a long time in the making. After being diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 25 after many years of suffering I decided to leave the big smoke, and my career hairdressing to move back to my home town in rural SA at the age of 27 after a naturopath told me if I didn’t stop hairdressing with chemicals I would never be able to have children naturally along with slowly killing myself as my body was toxically poisoned. I slowly started making small steps to changing my lifestyle, first was diet, second came low tox living.
I then opened an organic hairdressing salon and got back my passion for my career back again. I got more in touch with my spiritual side and started embracing the gift I was given.
Turning 30 was a downward spiral with my mental health and mindset as when diagnosed with Endo you are told by doctors that your chances of having children naturally passed the age of 30 is minimal. With further testing revealing I had a slim chance of that happening I prayed for a miracle which that came in the form of my beautiful son Bodhi (a story for another day).
I promised myself that I would raise him as natural as possible as I didn’t want him having to grow up with illness’s I had most of my life. So my low tox life continued with the use of essential oils, herbs and medicinal medicines. Along with studying to become an integrative nutrition health coach, a reiki practitioner so that I could heal myself and then inspire other woman with my own authentic journey. The biggest game changer was not feeding into the story I had endometriosis and believing I was already healed. Along with trusting my gut and reclaiming my power as a woman.. and loving the parts of me I once hated. Loving yourself is the key to healing your life.
Healing does not happen over night but it can happen. One of the most amazing aspects of the human body is its ability to heal itself. I am 34 now and I am endometriosis FREE!

Soul Self Co


Hi I am Stacey Wurfel,
I am a integrative nutrition health coach (holistic health), I help woman become healthier and happier in all areas of their lives. As a health coach I address all the facets of health in addition to eating - relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality. A mentor who works with clients to achieve their wellness goals. But I am also an intuitive energy healer, passionate about spirituality and personal growth.
I work with woman who are ready to remove the obstacles in their lives on a mental, emotional, physical level and love themselves unconditionally.
By intuitively connecting directly with my client's spirit, I can assist them on their spiritual journey by providing tools and techniques to bring them into their personal power. Also supporting them to identify and release energetic blocks and limiting beliefs, creating new levels of personal empowerment, freedom and inner peace.
I support my clients to embrace a deeper level of self-awareness and clear up any unhelpful conscious or unconscious expectations. In doing so, clients are given clarity and support to embody healthy habits and positive change.

Your healing session may include:
* Health/Spiritual mentoring
* Creating a self-care routine
* Intuitive healing/reading
* Use of crystals, essential oils and holistic herbs

Each session is unique to you and your soul.


Work one on one with me...

You know how there are trainers who help keep your fitness on point? Health coaches are trainers for other areas of your life, and holistic health coaches look at the whole picture (meaning besides food) to help clients with all aspects of their lives.

In addition to nutrition and lifestyle measures, health coaches consider the way one's work and home routines, personal relationships, and employment satisfaction, as well as emotional and spiritual health can shape an individual's sense of well-being. They can help be your navigator.

Unlike doctors, health coaches can’t diagnose clients with specific conditions. And while nutritionists and dietitians may put clients on a specific eating plans to treat specific issues, the role of a health coach is to help you find the tools and skills you need reach your health goals.

I became interested in health coaching because I saw it as another way to help people through my own healing journey. But working one-on-one with clients with their specific health needs is another, and I find it really rewarding. I can tell you that many times people come to me with the goal of talking about food, but often the sessions become so much more than that.

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