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Meet me 🤍

Hey everyone!

If you don't know, my name is Stacey Connor. I am a wife, a mom of 2 kiddos, Maryn & Thomas and a mom to (2) fur babies, Emi and Rosie.

When I'm not doing makeup, I'm busy being a professional volunteer (virtually this year) for the schools or mommin' and being wifey at home!

I have been involved with selling makeup for 6 years...So while I’m new to Seint, I know a thing or two about makeup. After using Seint products, I can confidently say this is hands down, one of the most innovative lines I've ever seen!!!

Back story - After dealing with life in a COVID world for a year,
I decided that I wanted:
* A full coverage makeup routine, without layers
* The beauty of highlight and contour, without
all the added steps a
* A professional looking application without the
required skill base
* Safe products that are also healthy for my skin

Anyone with me?

It was at this point I stumbled across SEINT, previously called Maskcara. One small compact, 4 face tins that were the foundation, the highlight/contour, the blush and lipstick all to be applied with one dual ended brush?! No more messy makeup bag, no more 20 steps, it was clean and convenient and even better IT FREAKING WORKED!!!

I appreciate you taking time to let me share this makeup with you.

Come check out ALL the things Seint has to offer!!!

Simplicity Speaks Volumes!!!!!

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I would be honored to have you join Seint and work alongside myself and my amazing team members!

We are a team, but we definitely have a family relationship!

You have going your new favorite place to be! WELCOME HOME!!!! 🤍🤍🤍

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