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Heart Activation & Healing Guide

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Survivor of childhood sexual abuse and Advocate for Survivors of sexual trauma.
~ Reiki Master ~ Midwife ~ Meditation teacher ~

Stacie is a qualified therapeutic NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Progamming) coach, a registered midwife of 15 years and has been on her own intentional healing journey for over 10 years. She combines personal experience with professional qualifications and knowledge to hold safe space for other survivors and women to explore their own healing journey.

Stacie is passionate about supporting other survivors but her work is not exclusive to this area - her ultimate aim is to empower others to live authentically through holding safe space for self-awareness & vulnerability. Heart activation and healing is how we reconnect back to ourselves and live the life we want.

Stacie is deeply caring, compassionate and nurturing guide that will instantly make you feel at home. She creates safe spaces for you to heal and grow; empowering you to move forward in a way that feels right for you. Because only you know what you need and want. You are your own healer.

She guides you to reconnect back to yourself - only you are the expert in your own experience and what you need to heal.

Author of ‘Life after sexual abuse: A Practical Healing Toolkit to Reconnect Mind, Body & Soul’. Podcast: Life after sexual abuse.

Life after sexual abuse

You deserve a life free of blame, shame & guilt. You deserve a life after sexual trauma. A practical book that combines personal experience, trauma theory and healing tools to help you along your own journey. Empowering you to heal your way, for you.

Life after sexual abuse - the podcast

Shining light into dark places