Hey there! It’s Staci

I may be the girl that will change your life

So glad you're here!

Let me tell you a little about myself.
I'm Staci- and I am 29 years old, stay at home mama to 2 kids (7 year old girl and 2 year old boy), COFFEE lover and a brand rep for a health and wellness company. The company is named Itworks Global. The best part, I get to do it all from my cell on social media!
I used to run from these companies. Tell people they are scams and never work out for anyone. I am sure you've thought that once or twice, am I right? I've never had many followers or even shared much on social media so this being out of my comfort zone was an understatement. I want to share them with everyone. Share my health journey, the money would be a bonus. So, I jumped in! What did I have to lose, right? I didn't need to have an inventory, pay fees or anything. I just didn't make money. Simple. Why did you stay, you ask? This company, that's why! Not only are the products great, but the incentives, the relationships this company builds and the support system of the ENTIRE company. Not only has this company given me financial freedom, it has given me life-long friendships and never ending opportunities to better myself and others around me, too! You may join for the money, but you will stay for not only that but the relationships you will build!
This company is a self development program with a killer compensation plan. So let me ask you a question, whats holding you back from your very own story? Whats stopping you from chasing after your dreams, instead of working your butt off for someone else's?


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