Social Media Influencer

I am a strong, independent, confident woman!!!

Hi, my name is Stacy and I took a large leap in life!!! I am a social Media Influencer full time!!! I decided it was time to work for myself at home so I could have more time with my children as I'm a single mother of 4 beautiful children!!! I decided that no matter what challenges I would face I would succeed!!! With great mentors I am doing just that!!!

You may ask how??? My reasons are this... My oldest daughter came across this opportunity about 8 months ago, mind you she's a full time college student as well as working 2 part time jobs to make It... She called me up and said Mom I know I can't afford to do this but I can't afford not to!!! I'm going all in!!! I gave her my 100%+ support and told her to go for it!!! Now fast forward 7 months and I asked myself what more could I do to show my support??? Yep, you're right!!! Join her team, and I did just that a little over a month ago and I'm loving each and every day❤ I have secured a work at home position, I have met so many great people in my short journey as well as helped handfuls!!!

Are you ready to control your paycheck??? Are you ready to work for yourself??? Are you ready to have more time to spend with your family or to travel??? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please fill out the Influencer application below!!! You will have me mentoring you and training you as well as a whole team!!! We are in this together!!!