About Me

Hii & Welcome!

Glad you’re here! I’m Stacy! I am from Austin, TX and I like to share beauty tips, tutorials, and help men & women achieve healthy hair and skin by using clean natural based products.

I have a big passion for helping others and whether that’s in the beauty world or technology world, I enjoy sharing what I know and how to help others level up using my expertise. Utilizing my platform in an educational and fun way is what thrives me.

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Why I said yes

As a stylist I’m used to trying different products to seek out the best for my clients, but on a personal level I was also on the hunt for something that would cure my itchy scalp. Something that could help with my hair thinning out. Wondering WHY it was even happening. Was it stress? Was it age? Was it my diet? Still not sure why or what was causing my hair struggles, but what I do know is the ingredients found in my products were not helping either. I was offered to try Monat products two years ago and I was a bit skeptical. I had never heard of the company and the price didn’t help with the convincing either. But the fact that I had tried plenty of “good quality” brands and still had my hair struggles, I had nothing else to lose. At first, I was not consistent and I guess because I was still doubting it. The one thing I did use consistently was the rejuvenique oil. Before noticing a change, I would get compliments and questions of what I was using for my hair because of how radiant my hair looked. So I thought, I don’t even have anything in my hair and it looks this good? Ok now I really don’t have anything to lose. One year later and I just wish I had changed up my hair routine sooner. One year and a half later and I made the decision to partner up with this company because I wanted to be able to directly help those who face the same struggles I once did. I know how vulnerable hair struggles can be and how discouraging it is when you have skin challenges. Using what I’ve learned in hair school and what I continue to educate myself on with ingredients, helps me help others in the most honest way.

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The perks

VIP Treatment

Choosing clean beauty comes with many benefits. All of our hair products are free from silicones, parabens, toxins, and gluten along with being hypoallergenic and color safe. Our skin products come with anti-aging ingredients such as plant stem cells, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and powerful antioxidants. With the concentrated formulas each product carries, the longevity varies;

• Wash products: 4-6+ months
• Styling products: 5-10+ months
• Treatments: 8-13+ months
• Skincare products: 6-8+ months

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• 15-25% off all orders
• Free 3-5 day shipping
• Access to flash sales & promotions
• Free full size product with each order of $84+
• $25 Birthday gift
• No monthly fees
• Flexible shipments (choose what and when)