Sarah Moore

Photo and Video Journalist. Founder, CEO of Stalker Sarah

Sarah is a Photo and Video Journalist residing in Los Angeles, CA.

Sarah, 26, founded her brand and social media personality, Stalker Sarah, in 2008. Complimenting her love for Celebrity Photo and Video journalism at age 13, Sarah has since, organically and accidentally, generated a dedicated following of fangirls all over the world, awaiting her next celebrity story, encounter, or piece of life advice through experience.

Sarah’s journey started when she created a small, personal blog consisting of celebrity selfies. An overnight success during the birth of social media - Sarah’s collection of now almost 10,000 photos have generated hundreds of millions of views, with Sarah appearing on TV shows such as Good Morning America, Channel 10 Breakfast Australia, Entertainment Tonight, and various other tv and print publications.

Sarah has not only rubbed shoulders with some of the most well known names in the world, but she has experienced Hollywood Glamour, Tragedies and multiple eras of pop culture first-hand, and has become a mascot to the celebrities, paparazzi/media, and fans.

Here, Sarah keeps her supporters updated on her current life and media events.

Sarah has been offered several TV show and Book deals that she has kindly declined in the past, while waiting for the right time. Sarah is currently writing.