Sensory Kit Beginning

Hey Guys !
My name is Genevieve and I am currently a stay at home mum of two beautiful boys Harvey & Harrison. I work as a primary school teacher and have always been super passionate about working with kids.
I decided to start making Sensory kits because since being at home ALOT ( Thankyou mat leave and an extra special mention to Covid-19) I began to notice the type of toys my eldest son was playing with most of the time, which was mainly a whole heap of mindless plastic based toys ... don’t get me wrong, these toys have a place in the world for sure but I just knew I could be doing so much more with him to help build sensory skills that would actually set him up for success in the long run.
I began playing and experimenting with lots of different sensory play ideas and took note of what he had particular interests in and what skills could be focused on during each activity.
I then took those ideas and decided to create sensory kits that had materials in them that children would gravitate towards & then created certain themed kits that children could go wild with using their imaginations and creativity whilst developing important sensory skills.
I love making these sensory kits and put my heart and soul into each kit I make.
Take a look and let me know what you think ! Swipe to see!

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Sensory Kits

Army kit

Sensory play has so many benefits for young minds, from improving social skills, building on problem solving abilities and most importantly making essential nerve connections within the brain.

Filled with multiple materials to engage their senses, it is the ultimate exploration kit.

This pack includes ideas about tasks children may like to do aswell as questions to ponder over as your little ones engages in play with the kit. It also includes 2 activtiy sheets toddlers can complete with some help from Mum or Dad.
Some stock may vary slightly due to availability.

Princess Cupcake Kit

Have the most amazing time playing with the Princess Cupcake Kit. Filled with everything sparkly, it’s one to be a hit with the little ladies for sure !

Construction Kit

For all your truck enthusiasts this is for you! Dig, build, tie, drive, shovel .. do it all with our amazing construction sensory kit!

Critter Crawlies Sensory kit

Got a bug lover on your hands ? Then this is the sensory kit for you !

Unicorn sensory kit

Magical, enchanting , mystical fun with our unicorn sensory kit!

Dinosaur sensory kit

Get your little one exploring the prehistoric life with our dinosaur sensory kit! One of our favs !

Safari sensory kit

For all your wild animal loving toddlers ! This is one kit they won’t want to miss out on! Explore the wildlife of these amazing creatures with our sensory kits!

Racing Car sensory kit

For all your speed demons ... this sensory kit is a