Happy 1st monthversarry, Neville!

a love letters for the love of my life.

time flies, so do our memories. the word love wasn’t come right at the first time i know you. but it came along with the presence you bought so freely. it made me, unknowingly. fell for it, for everything that you bought me to see, or maybe the world see.

lying is one of the things i’m very good at. but i truly never want to lie when it comes at describing anything that is leading a presence of you. so this time, i promise i will write it with all of my honesty and i hope you know.

falling in love with you, is one that i will never regret to do, even if i get a chance to back to the past, i would gladly fall in love with you again.

you were like magic spell, only with your smile, or even if it just you presence all alone, can bring me happiness and make me forget about the cruelly of the world. i feel so blessed to have been given an opportunity to know you, love you, and adore you, like really. and i am truly blessed for having you as my boyfriend. i love you deeply, forevermore, mon Ange <3