Please read carefully ♡

All of my info is located here and the next slide

Hello I'm Star this is my comfort account I am strictly 18+ regardless of my account being non-sexual, this is not a petre or agere account it is also not a kink account yes I am non com because this account is one specific thing I am simply enjoying myself and making friends please be respectful and mindful of others thank you 💜


Please read all the way through

If you do not read I will remove you

DNI If You
Are under the age of 18 or over the age of 30
Follow/constantly interact with anyone I may put in my highlights
(🐾 paws)
If you’re an extremely sexual or extremely kinky account if you are and would like an account to follow for that please dm me if I’m comfortable I’ll send it to you
Advertise your Nsfw/kink account if you allow minors to follow you
If you are a minor stay out of my dms thanks <3

P.s Dear Piss kink accounts please stop following and dming me 🥲

♡Please be respectful♡

Again Read Carefully


Tag me in story checks or give aways (ask first please especially for giveaways)

Send me cute posts or posts you think I might like (anything gross or inappropriate gets you blocked🥰)

Be kind and respectful it’s literally not hard <3

Send me shops or accounts you think I might like even if it’s something outside of what I post about


React to my post or stories with just emojis

Repost any of my posts (sharing to your story isn’t the same as reposting I don’t mind at all)

Tag me in any posts without asking me first or if we haven’t spoken before
(🥐 Croissant)

Sending unsolicited photos, nasty dms, flirting with me or calling me Kitten, Mommy, Babygirl, Kitty or Princess it’s not your place to call me any nicknames especially as a first dm and it’s gross
(Unless it’s from My Daddy if you’re reading this hiii I miss you 💜)

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⌏ ❀꒰Read link pls꒱❀ ⌎
【 18+】Non-Sexual☆
⁎⁺˳☽⋄✧ Sensitive˚✧⁎⁺
-ˏˋDaddy’s Little Otterˊˎ-

No Deco

Read link pls
18+ Non-Sexual
Daddy’s Little Otter

My highlights (may not be in order so base on the photo)

Emotions (photo says “-Mood”)
Drinks (cute art of 3 Cartons with colorful drinks)
Don’t do this (just says Bruh in yellow)
Art commissions (looks like water color)
Promo codes (little flowers)
Pet Spacs (Paw prints)
Stuffies (vending machine)

External link