From my heart to yours - THANK YOU  —

Thank you for booking with me!

I am grateful for you taking the action to choose yourself, your wellness and open to what is possible by working together with me.

Thank you for supporting a local small business! Your time, energy and support are valued.

I truly believe your time is now, and our coming together is exactly right for your souls mission here.

Everything that has taken place before now was for you, as we work together will explore this perspective. For now just notice what beliefs, thoughts and challenges you currently face. Over the coming days more may surface.

This is normal! And perfect! Just notice.

It is my soul mission to support individuals like yourself into deeper self love, acceptance and overall quality of life.

My intention for our time together is that you receive a quality service that fits your needs, vision, goals and desires now and set you up to feel empowered into your future.

With so much love and gratitude in my heart WELCOME into my safe space; I deeply see you.

Here's to the next leg of our journey together!Yeww!

Please know that you are always in control, and I will do my best to honor you, your needs and support you throughout this process. I am always open to receive feedback to deepen your experience and make if more impactful for YOU!

From here we are a team! AND I KNOW YOU HAVE GOT THIS! I am celebrating you just for taking that action step and saying YES!

Yes to you.

Please also note that NOTHING in my space is taboo. Bring it all. All of you is welcome. Even, and especially your "darkest" parts.

See you soon!


P.s If you have any questions prior to your session please reach out to me directly through my website (link below). And if you are not already following me on social media, I invite you to click the links below to your preferred socials and connect with me there for specials, new offers, extra value and more. ♡