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Hello, my name is Jenny! I am a Galactic Shepherdess and I’m here to guide Starseed Souls along their Earthly path. You have an Earth Mission! And there’s no one else in the entire Universe that can offer what you have inside.

I’m so glad you’ve found me, this is a Divine connection, and I spend my life supporting beautiful Souls like you.

In my role a spiritual teacher, I am opening hearts and minds into their multidimensional truths. I invite you to join in on the lessons on YouTube!

In my role as a healer, I have created a powerful method of Galactic Energetic Transformation. When you book a healing or counselling session with me, things change!

In my role as a psychic connector, I bring to you potent information from your Soul and the relationship connections of your Spirit Guides and Councils. When you receive a reading from me, it initiates the next level of Soul growth.

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Galactic Healings

Multidimensional healing services to bring you to a new level of Soul Growth and Ascension

Galactic Healing

This is a session of energy work and healing. You will feel the transformations during the session, and notice an increase of high vibrational energy and uplifted emotions for many days afterwards.

Includes but not limited to; aura healing, energy clearing, chakra activations and alignment, reconnection of your psychic centres.

Special focus is placed on grounding your energy into the crystal core of the Earth, while also anchoring into the heart of Source. By the end of the session, you will be held in perfect balance between your divinity and your humanity.

45 minutes of 1-on-1 healing via Zoom, $147.

Galactic Guidance

This session is about building a connection and deeper understanding with yourself. You are an eternal soul currently playing a human role in a very dense world. Your natural state is love and an alive sense of joy within your heart, but we can get very bogged down by the heavy energies and complications of our earthly lives.

You will get a chance to describe what you are going through, and receive guidance and practical steps to heal and overcome emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and life path confusion. This is a judgment free zone. Nothing is off the table. Vulnerability is highly encouraged.

45 minutes of 1-on-1 counselling via Zoom, $147.

Galactic Reset *Best Seller*

If you need to press the reset button on your life direction, routines, relationships, and emotions - this is the service for you.

It’s easy to get lost and confused in our lives, our thoughts are pulling us in hundreds of directions at once, our relationships can be draining, and our work unfulfilling. Allow me to come into that darkness and shine a light on a clear path. Like a breath of fresh air, I will put things into perspective with personal examples, clear direction, and practical steps for you to start with. This is a judgment free zone. Nothing is off the table. Vulnerability is highly encouraged.

Includes both the ‘Galactic Healing’ and the ‘Galactic Guidance’ sessions (see these services above for more details).

90 minute 1-on-1 session via Zoom, $297.

Galactic Readings

Psychic Readings bringing you information from the purest source - your own Soul, Guides & Councils

Meet Your Guides *Client Favourite*

This reading is a client favourite. You will get up close and personal with your Spirit Team and Councils. Find out who’s on your team and how they are connected to you.

Meet 3 of your Guides, receive a description of their appearance, where they are from, how they know you, and learn their names so you can begin to call on them and build your relationship.

Receive a detailed channeled message from each one. In their messages you will see their personalities shining through. They are each unique souls and can be emotional, funny, deep, or even blunt. They will share their thoughts on where you are at in your current path, and give you practical steps to take that will get you on track and happy.

This emailed reading is $147.

Discover Parallel/Past Lives *Starseed Origins*

This reading will give you an intimate look into the soul that you are, your strongest characteristics, your biggest lessons, the growth you’ve made, and what you are still working through. This reading is also ideal for finding your Starseed Origins.

Discover 3 parallel/past lives in great detail; who you were, what you looked like, your name, the people around you, how you spent your days, what your gifts were, and what you struggled with. These lives may be from Earth, or they may be from another planet, dimension, or realm. All will be revealed.

You may request a particular lifetime to include in this reading, or you can leave it open for your Guides to decide which lifetimes to show you. What comes through is what you need to know now, because those lives and their themes are currently affecting you.

This emailed reading is $147.

Complete Cosmic Reading *Best Seller*

This reading will give you a detailed look into your soul journey so far. You will learn about the lifetimes and lessons you’ve faced, what the outcomes were, and how it’s continuing to affect you. You will also meet your team and get an inside look into how they are connected with you. This reading is large and extremely detailed.

You will be receiving both the ‘Meet Your Guides’ AND the ‘Discover Parallel/Past Lives’ readings (see these readings above for more details) PLUS you get to ask any 3 questions, these can be on an area of your life, or your spiritual journey. I will read the questions to your team and channel the answers exactly as I receive them.

This emailed reading is $297.

Breakthrough Reading *New*

If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, this reading is for you. If you’ve been craving clarity and needing an a-ha moment, then look no further. You may only have one piece of the puzzle, yet you’re trying to see the bigger picture. Allow me to illuminate the full picture for you.

I will work with you to get an understanding of the steps and healing you’ve already taken, then I will take the remaining issues and concerns to Archangel Raphael & your personal team of Guides.

You will receive a higher perspective of the situation, the soul lessons, and possible karmic energy involved. You will also receive practical steps that you can take right away to move the energy forward.

This emailed consultation & reading is $147.
Pair with the Galactic Guidance one-on-one Zoom session (see the healing page for more details) for $244 **a savings of $50.

A Few Client Testimonials

I’m so grateful to connect with each one of you!

Galactic Healing Session

Galactic Guidance Session

Galactic Reset Session

Meet Your Guides Reading

Discover Parallel/Past Lives Reading

Complete Cosmic Reading

Compete Cosmic Reading

Galactic Reset Session

Meet Your Guides Reading

Complete Cosmic Reading

Complete Cosmic Reading

Complete Cosmic Reading

Complete Cosmic Reading

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I’m so excited to work with you! xoxo

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“From what stars have we fallen, to meet each other here?” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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