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Membership Group

The Starseed Academy Membership is beautiful group of Awakening Starseeds. We are a loving, spiritual community of diverse individuals, coming together to learn, heal, share, and have powerful experiences like Soul Retrievals, Astral Missions, Activations, Deep Cellular Healing and much more.

When you join, you receive instant access to a vast library of content, over 80

video lessons, events, and workshops.

You will also receive 3 invitations/month to live events with me hosted by Zoom.

The replays contain the same intention and potency of the original events. The goal of this Membership is not that you have to make it to every live event, it’s that you continue to participate in the community interactions, and use the live events and replays as tools to deepen your spiritual journey. The journey never ends, we get to keep learning and evolving into our Highest Selves, and it is my honour to guide you on this magickal path.

You will also have 24/7 access to an entire community of highly evolved spiritual souls, to ask questions, share experiences, stories, pics, and more. The powerful content inside this Group is not available on any other platform. Your growth, expansion, and evolution will soar! 🚀

• Quantum Workshops (think psychic gifts, channeling, spiritual business and more)

• Group Astral Missions to dimensions and realms around the Universe (we’re making such an impact!)

• Live Channeling & Group Readings (the community’s fav!)

• Energy Rituals & Ceremonies

• Metaphysical Healings

• Cellular Activations

• Training on stepping into your Soul Purpose and Higher Self

• Guided Meditations

• Light Language

• Guest Speakers, Teachers, Psychics, and Healers

• Live Q&A’s

$44 monthly

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Galactic Readings

Channeled Readings bringing you information from the purest source - your own Soul, Guides & Councils

Breakthrough Reading *Best Seller*

A Q&A with your team! Receive detailed steps and information on how to get to your Highest Timeline, with your career, health, relationships, everything! The synchronicities and signs that come through in this Reading leave my clients mind blown!

If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, this reading is for you. If you’ve been craving clarity and needing an a-ha moment, then look no further. You may only have one piece of the puzzle, yet you’re trying to see the bigger picture. Allow me to illuminate the full picture for you.

Through your team you will receive a higher perspective of the situation, the soul lessons, and possible karmic energy involved. They may choose to unlock past life patterns, relationship patterns, and more. You will receive detailed practical steps that you can take right away to move the energy forward.

Many clients use this reading to ask about their Soul Purpose and Earth Mission.

This reading is live and spontaneous. What your Guides choose to share with you is for a higher purpose. They may perform on the spot healings or activations.

This 60 min live Zoom reading is $200.

Meet Your Guides *Client Favourite*

This reading is a client favourite. You will get up close and personal with your Spirit Team and Councils. Find out who’s on your team and how they are connected to you. This live experience is very activating and will raise your vibration. You will feel your Guides energy and personality coming through firsthand.

Meet 1 or 2 of your Guides, receive a description of their appearance, where they are from, how they know you, and learn their names so you can begin to call on them and build your relationship.

Receive a personal message from each one, where it will become obvious how well they know you. They are each unique souls and can be emotional, funny, deep, or even blunt. They will share their thoughts on where you are at in your current path, and give you practical steps to take that will get you on track and happy.

This experience is live and spontaneous. What your Guides choose to share with you is for a higher purpose. Sometimes they will perform on the spot healings and activations.

This 60 min live Zoom reading is $200.

Akashic Reading *Starseed Origins*

Peek behind the veil and receive an intimate look into the lifetimes of your soul so far. Discover your strongest characteristics, your biggest lessons, the growth you’ve made, and what you are still working through. This reading ideal for finding your Starseed Origins.

Discover 1 or 2 parallel/past lives in great detail; who you were, what you looked like, your name, the people around you, how you spent your days, what your gifts were, and what you struggled with. These lifetimes may be from Earth, or they may be from another planet, dimension, or realm.

You may request a particular lifetime to be shown to you and I will request it from your Guides, but ultimately what comes through is what you need to know now, because those lifetimes and their themes are currently affecting you.

This reading is live and spontaneous. Being in the presence of your Guides and your Akashic records will unlock Soul remembrance. Your Guides may also choose to include personal messages or on the spot healings and activations.

This 60 min live Zoom reading is $200.

Galactic Healings & Activations

Multidimensional healings and activations to bring you to a new level of Soul Growth and Ascension

Galactic Healing

Galactic Healings are my own brand of energy work. I go through your entire chakra system, describing everything I’m finding in detail, including but not limited to visions, messages, blocks, parasites, memories, traumas from this life or another, and sometimes dark entities. We clear it together.

You can be holding onto past life trauma, childhood wounds, relationship pain, energetic blocks, entities, and more.

Each chakra is looked at, cleared, activated, aligned and sometimes there’s an upgrade waiting to be installed.

During this powerful session of energy healing, you will feel the transformations and upgrades being installed. You will notice an increase of high vibrational energy and uplifted emotions immediately. The integration period is 1-3 days, after which your upgrades will go online for a next level experience.

Special focus is placed on grounding your energy into the crystal core of the Earth, while also anchoring into the heart of Source. By the end of the session, you will be held in perfect balance between your divinity and your humanity.

This 60 min live Zoom session is $200.

Galactic Reset *Best Seller*

If you need to press the reset button on your life direction, routines, relationships, emotions, and energy system - this is the service for you.

It’s easy to get lost and confused in our lives, our thoughts are pulling us in hundreds of directions at once, our relationships can be draining, and our work unfulfilling. Allow me to come into that darkness and shine a light on a clear path. Like a breath of fresh air, I will put things into perspective with personal examples, clear direction, and practical steps for you to start with. This is a judgment free zone. Nothing is off the table. Vulnerability is highly encouraged.

Includes both the ‘Galactic Healing’ and the ‘Breakthrough Reading’ (see these service descriptions for more details).

This 90 min live Zoom session is $300.

Psychic Centres Activations & Upgrades

Your pineal gland is the doorway to Spirit, a bridge between worlds. Deep in the centre of your human brain, it connects and translates your incoming psychic information. In this session, you will receive a pineal gland clearing, activation and upgrade.

Each of your Clair's (psychic gifts) will then be anchored into your pineal gland, so that your human brain/computer can make sense of what you are receiving. This will provide you with so much clarity.

We are rebuilding your energetic body into a higher frequency and version, with the psychic centres as a base.

During this activation I will be describing everything that I find locked away within your Psychic Centres, including but not limited to; visions, messages, blocks, parasites, memories, traumas from this life or another, and sometimes dark entities. What’s no longer serving you will be gently cleared away to make space for the new connections.

This 60 min live Zoom session is $200.

Soul Language Activation

Your Soul Language is your truth, your voice, your power. It’s a compilation of every lifetime, all the lessons you’ve faced and wisdom gained. Within your voice are activating and healing tones that will assist you now on your Earth Mission, and instantly raise your frequency.

These frequencies are straight from your Higher Self, and because of that, they are the most activating and healing energy available to you. It’s made for you, from you.

You are ready to open up to this Divine flow. Trust.

This 60 min live Zoom session is $200.

Soul Retrieval

Our Souls can splinter during times of extreme trauma and stress, creating Soul shards or fractures that disconnect from the whole. This can happen within this lifetime, in childhood, or in other lifetimes where you faced extreme challenges, grief, shock, and overwhelm.

Together we’ll be calling back your power, your Soul gifts, and the pieces of yourself that are scattered throughout time, space, and dimensions. Returning anything lost to the present moment. Devoting All that you are to this timeline and current mission. Becoming more whole, and more completely yourself.

This 60 min live session is $200.


I’m so grateful to connect with each one of you!

Guided Journeys & Activations

Astral Travel with me

*FREE* Soul Star Chakra Activation

Located above your Crown Chakra, this is your gateway to heaven and the cosmic energies you were made of. It contains your lifetimes, your Karmic Balance, and your Akashic Records. 

Activating your Soul Star Chakra changes you. It opens this current version of you to the information from all of your other timelines and lifetimes. True alignment and true healing become possible, throughout your whole Being.

This chakra emits a unique Light, specific to the soul it belongs to. It emits your energetic signature. It can be white, gold, silver, rainbow, or any combination of colours.

Use Selenite and Clear Quartz to work with this chakra.

This Activation was created to awaken your Soul Star Chakra, with many powerful layers of coding, triggers, and prompts within the images and audio.

*FREE* Affirmations for Ascension

Ignite your Soul remembrance with these beautiful affirmations.

Made for Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Awakening Soul’s to align you with Enlightenment, Oneness, Unity Consciousness, Ascension, Spiritual Awakening, and a connection to your Higher Self.

Psychic Reconnections & Pineal Upgrade

Your pineal gland is the doorway to Spirit, a bridge between worlds. Deep in the centre of your human brain, it connects and translates your incoming psychic information. In this guided experience, you will receive a pineal gland clearing, activation and upgrade.

Each of your Clair's will then be anchored into your pineal gland, so that your human brain/computer can make sense of what you are receiving. This will provide you with so much clarity.

We are rebuilding your energetic body into a higher frequency and version, with the psychic centres as a base.

Once purchased, you will be emailed the video link and have lifetime access to it.

Installing Light Language Centres & Soul Codes

In this guided experience you will have the Light Language Centres of your heart, throat, mouth and tongue activated by Archangel Haniel.

Your Soul Language will be awakened by your Higher Self.

After the transformation is complete, you will be given space to practice your new connections and languages with their support.

Once purchased, you will be emailed the video link and have lifetime access to it.

Abundance Codes - Download & Integration

Abundance is a frequency, a code, and it can be downloaded into your system. Once it lives within your core, it begins to affect your life.

The abundance codes continually send out orders to your physical body and to your life circumstances, and they respond with frequency matching. Your body's health rises up to meet these new high frequencies, and your daily life begins to reflect back to you this new state of being.

Are you ready to open your life to Divine Abundance?

Once purchased, you will be emailed the video link and have lifetime access to it.

Moon Magick, Lunar Journey & Blueprint Healing

Very powerful Full Moon or New Moon ritual!

During this guided astral experience, you will be escorted by a Lunar Angel as you take an astral journey to the Moon. You will experience a magickal fountain, deep karmic blueprint healing, a secret mountain, and a visit to an energetic being that will rebalance your feminine and masculine energies.

Once purchased, you will be emailed the video link and have lifetime access to it.

Starseed Academy YouTube

New videos every Sunday!

Get ready to have your mind & heart blown wide open!

2022 Year Energy Report

How to Find Your Starseed Origins

My Interview with the Galactic Federation of Light

Astral Travel - An Introductory Guide

Nebulas - The Cosmic Nursery

Diamond Frequency Initiations

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Let Me Introduce Myself...

Starseed Academy

Hello, my name is Jenny! I am a Galactic Shepherdess, here to guide Starseed Souls through their Awakening, to help them illuminate and develop their Soul Gifts, so they can get going on their Earth Mission!

There’s no one else in the entire Universe that can offer what you have inside.

I’m so glad you’ve found me, it is my Divine Mission to Support Awakening Souls just like you.

In my role a Spiritual Teacher, I am opening hearts and minds into their multidimensional truths. I invite you to join in on the lessons on YouTube!

In my role as a Metaphysical Healer, I have created a powerful method of Galactic Energetic Transformation. When you book a healing or counselling session with me, things change!

In my role as Divine Channeler, I bring to you potent information from your Soul, Spirit Guides and Councils. When you receive a reading from me, it initiates the next level of Soul growth and remembrance.

Click the link below to subscribe to Starseed Academy on YouTube. That’s one click you won’t regret!

Starseed Academy YouTube Channel

Psychic Light Training *Doors Closed until 2023*

“In Psychic Service to the Light”

12 weeks of training in the Psychic Arts to transform you.

Enhance your Psychic Gifts into a powerful force of energy, empower your spiritual connection, intuition, confidence, natural abilities & Soul Gifts, your business, manifestation, and abundance.


That’s a guarantee.

  1. Your Future Self is Calling

    Your Future Self is Calling

    Would you like to connect with Spirit? To communicate with your Spirit Guides and form close relationships with them? Maybe you’ve already been receiving signs from them!

    Would you like to effortlessly connect and receive downloads, guidance, and messages from Source?

    Would you like to learn how to visit your Akashic Realm and uncover your past and parallel lives?

    Have you ever wondered if you have Galactic Guides, or if you are a part of a Council? Do you want to know more about your own Galactic history?

    Are you interested in, or working on developing your Psychic Gifts for yourself or your business?

  2. Answer the Call

    Answer the Call

    CALLING ALL Spiritual Warriors, Healers, Teachers, Starseeds, Light Workers, Channellers, Card Readers, Awakened Souls, and Leaders from each of the Realms and Star Nations. IT’S TIME TO TAKE YOUR GIFTS AND LEADERSHIP TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

    In Psychic Light Training, you will receive Activations, Upgrades, Lessons, and Training in the Psychic Arts.

    Leading to EXPANSION and GROWTH in all areas of your life - personal, business, and relationships!

    Leading to REMEMBRANCE and RECONNECTION of your true self and potential.



    •Find your Soul Gifts?

    •Raise your frequency, health, and your entire timeline??

    •Merge with your Higher Self?

    •Work with your Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, Galactic Guides and Councils?

    •Unlock your powerful Soul Blueprint and sleeping DNA?

    ARE YOU READY TO MASTER your Psychic Gifts, Intuition, Channeling, and Astral Travel?

  4. Psychic Light Training is 12 weeks of live training in the Psychic Arts

    Psychic Light Training is 12 weeks of live training in the Psychic Arts

    The Psychic Light Training Course contains EVERYTHING a Leader of Light needs to CONFIDENTLY step into their Psychic Gifts. Which you can then use in your own Spiritual Business if you choose.

    Within Psychic Light Training, you will be trained in:

    •CLAIRCOGNIZANCE - this comes in through the Crown Chakra and is your ability to receive downloads, information packets, guidance, knowledge, and to interpret it.

    •CLAIRAUDIENCE - connected to Ear Chakras, hearing messages from Spirit, Source, your Guides, and Higher Self.

    •CLAIRVOYANCE - your Third Eye, having visions, seeing Soul memories, seeing energy, experiencing prophecy, meeting and seeing other Realms, Dimensions, and their people.

    •CLAIRSENTIENCE - your Empathic gifts connected to your Solar Plexus, the ability to read a person, energy, or an environment. To turn receiving mode into sender mode.

    •CHANNELING - bringing information down from Higher Realms through you, communicating with Beings of a Higher Frequency, such as God Source, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Galactic Councils.

    •ASTRAL TRAVEL - visiting other realms and dimensions, attending Council meetings, going on Soul missions, visiting parallel timelines, and your Akashic Records.

  5. Unlock your Soul Gifts

    Unlock your Soul Gifts

    Activating and training your Psychic Gifts will enhance every area of your life! Investing in your intuition is an investment in your future. You need it to navigate your personal life and business.

    You can Channel almost anything! Guidance, healing, music, art, universal information, karmic lessons, past lives, and so much more!

    Whether you realize or or not, your Soul IS astral travelling every single night. You can learn to do this consciously, safely, and in an awakened state. Attend meetings with your personal council, go on Soul Missions, travel to other worlds, realms, through time and space, visit the past, future, other dimensions, it’s infinite!

  6. You ARE ready

    You ARE ready

    The tools you will learn in this container are imperative to your Earth Mission. You are being called to step more fully into your spiritual work. This is that next step.

    Move through the fear, the self doubt, the nagging ego with it’s excuses to keep you small. AND GET READY FOR REAL MAGICK.

    Being trained in the Psychic Arts will empower every area of your life. Your relationships, confidence, abilities, intuition, business, manifestation, and abundance.

    And the next time you face uncertainty or doubt, you will be trained in how to crush it and move on with power and grace.


    I’m ready to do this! Come and join me!!

  7. Let me guide you

    Let me guide you

    I am ready to dive deeper than ever before into the Psychic Arts. This will be 12 weeks of LIVE training with me starting October 5th, 2022.

    12 Weeks Training in the Psychic Arts:
    1) Preparation of Self & Space
    2) Psychic Centres Activations & Reconnections
    3) Clairvoyance
    4) Clairaudience
    5) Clairsentience
    6) Claircognizance
    7) Intro to Channeling 1
    8) Intro to Channeling 2
    9) Advanced Channeling 1
    10) Advanced Channeling 2
    11) Astral Travel
    12) Final Review & Group Reading

    We will be meeting every Wednesday live on Zoom at 6pm eastern. Sessions will be recorded and the replays posted in a private Group hosted by facebook. We will be experiencing as a group, Lessons, Activations, Healings, Practice Exercises & Activities, Astral Journeys, Integration, and so much more.

    This is about learning to become a fully Psychic Being, and using those gifts to be of Service.

    On the path of your Earth Mission every new step feels scary at first, but if you lean into that feeling and follow your Soul Nudges, you’ll end up where you’re meant to be.

    If you’re reading this, you are meant to experience it! I can’t wait to work with you!


Unlock Your Highest Timeline *DOORS CLOSED* Sign up for waitlist at bottom of page.

Your dream life is waiting…

In my hundreds of client sessions, and meetings with their Spirit Teams, I’ve come to learn an undeniable truth that shows up again and again. Everyone has a Highest Timeline, it’s not a far off fantasy, it’s a very real potential just waiting for you to rise into it. It’s where All The Good is, all the love, joy, abundance, purpose, and fulfillment.

Your Highest Timeline is connected to your current life, and you are constantly being given signs and nudges by Spirit to point you in that direction. I’ve helped hundreds of Awakening Souls to find the energetic escalator to their Highest Timeline, and it’s always so much closer than they think!

Unlock Your Highest Timeline is a Soul led, 9 week, Breakthrough Course with me. Together, we will begin to shift you onto your Highest Timeline in 4 vital areas of your life.

🔑 Relationships
🔑 Spiritual Alignment
🔑 Soul Purpose & Earth Mission
🔑 Human Health & Alignment

  1. 🔑 Relationships

    🔑 Relationships

    Every single relationship in your life is a measured reflection of the worthiness you feel inside.

    These self beliefs become energetic patterns that are created from; being an Awakened Witness in your childhood, carrying Soul Group Karma into this lifetime, unintentionally installing deep set programming through the repetition of antagonistic partners.

    These energetic patterns can run deep, and because they are the origin of every other relationship you will ever experience, it’s of the utmost importance to take control back.

    I used to attract relationships that were all about lessons, they were rocky, with so many ups and downs. I learned a lot, but I never felt truly seen. When there was nothing left to teach or learn, the relationships dissolved, they didn’t grow with me. I felt a sense of guilt for continuing to outgrow my partners, but I trusted the signs and kept putting my self growth first, rewriting my patterns and finally learning that ‘settling’ dishonoured both partners.

    For all my work and courage I was rewarded x1000. I was Soul led through many synchronicities and signs to a friendship that nourished and supported me. That friendship evolved into a blessed union of marriage, and I now have a husband that continues to cherish and love me unconditionally throughout lifetimes. Our galactic history is an inspiration to us both, and we feel overwhelming gratitude to have found each other again, to truly be seen by a ‘twin’ or aligned Soul, and to grow together in our Awakening.

    Whatever you believe in; Twin Flames, Soulmates, Soul Family, True Love - it IS possible for you. These reunions happen when we ALIGN ourselves first.

    Harmonious friendships, supportive family relationships, positive work relationships, and profound romances are not only possible, but destined to come into your life when you lay the foundations.

    With assistance from the Angelic Realms, your Inner Child, and your personal Soul Group, we’ll be clearing away your old patterning of trauma, unworthiness, resistant karma, lack, and limitations, and blazing a new pathway of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Soul Alignment in the manifestation chambers of the heart. Leading to a renewed and clear belief in yourself and your path.

  2. 🔑 Spiritual Alignment

    🔑 Spiritual Alignment

    You did not come to Earth only to serve, only to give, Soul Contracts for incarnations always include a balance of giving and receiving, and you are here to receive so much more than you realize.

    Here, now, on Earth, we have the potential to receive multiple lifetimes worth of ascension, lessons, growth, and healing in this one lifetime alone. Your energy and consciousness will continue to expand as long as you keep pushing.

    We came into this existence with a 3D physical blueprint, but through the fine tuning of our frequency, we are now upgrading that blueprint regularly, into 5D and even 6D designs. As Awakening Souls, we are here to lead this human evolution.

    With each upgrade we gain new insights into our origins, we unlock our unique Soul Gifts, we remember who we truly are and who we’ve been, we step into our divine archetype, and we gain a higher perspective that is essential to healing back to wholeness.

    Enlightenment is just an unlimited perspective. It’s achievable when we rise above our ego identity, and beliefs based in separation. It begins with little glimpses, minutes, hours, then days, and eventually becomes our waking state.

    How aligned do you feel to your purest self? The potent, undiluted Consciousness that comes through in your deepest meditations? The intelligent observer in the background of your mind?

    Do you feel vibrant potential alive inside you, like a knowingness that there’s something special about you, a magick just underneath the surface?

    It’s time to unleash that magick, and come into your fullest expression. Spiritual Alignment is the stripping away of all that is not serving your Highest Good, and allowing yourself to RISE.

    With the help of the Ascended Master Realm, we’ll be Activating your Divine DNA, Upgrading your Human Blueprint, and Awakening your Higher Self Consciousness.

  3. 🔑 Soul Purpose & Earth Mission

    🔑 Soul Purpose & Earth Mission

    Your Soul Purpose is specific to you, it’s affected by the accumulation of your lessons, karma, evolution, and growth. It’s your ultimate desires and goals, that you continue to work towards in each lifetime, such as the expansion of your power and gifts, the depth of your healing, the evolution of your consciousness, inner peace and serenity, becoming a master manifestor, reuniting with your loved ones, balancing karma, and more.

    Your Earth Mission is specific to this lifetime, using your unique Soul Gifts to be of service to Gaia and Humanity. It’s the reason you volunteered for the Earth Project, and finding ways to achieve what you believed you could contribute here.

    Your Soul Purpose and Earth Mission are constantly overlapping. It’s crucial to find balance between the two, so that you don’t drain yourself trying to give too much. Filling up your cup by working on your Soul Purpose and giving to yourself, will allow you to extend yourself further in service to others.

    When you begin to place yourself in service to others, adding value to their lives, your Earth Mission activates, and suddenly life begins sending you support. Your Soul Gifts start to come online, Abundance starts to flow in, and people that you can help start to find you.

    Notice that you have to start being of service before the support arrives. You have to activate the Earth Mission first, then the alignment snaps into place. But once it does, the potential is unlimited.

    I used to work a 9-5 and it felt like a prison sentence, not because it wasn’t a great job, it was, but the thought of committing my life, day after day, year after year to someone else’s dreams was a crime to me. I had dreams. I had talents. So now I work for me, for my Earth Mission and my passions. I devoted myself in service to the Light and the abundance came through hot.

    Through a potent Group Reading, we’ll be tapping into guidance from your Galactic Guides and Councils for details about your Earth Mission, Soul Gifts, and the next steps you should take.

  4. 🔑 Human Health & Alignment

    🔑 Human Health & Alignment

    Many Empaths, Starseeds, and Lightworkers are born extremely sensitive to this world. It’s like a complete overload of energy, toxins, and stimulation. This results in physical complications with digestion and breathing, and emotional complications of anxiety, depression, stress, and overwhelm.

    When I was a child I was allergic to EVERYTHING! Including dust, lol, but especially the food here, it’s full of chemicals and pesticides. My body could not be nurtured by it, it rejected everything, resulting in a lot of missed school, weight loss, stomach aches, emotional stress, and a leukaemia misdiagnosis.

    It took a lot of time to settle in to Earth, and I still need to be conscientious of what I consume, but I’ve learned what my body needs to stay happy and calm.

    Most Awakening Souls also struggle with their emotional health. We choose really difficult paths and childhoods to assure our Awakening, because we are learning through contrast and the transformative power of ‘rock bottom’.

    I used to suffer from extreme anxiety brought on by ptsd from my abusive childhood. Ptsd is no joke, it creates Soul shards or fractures that splinter off from the main personality. This requires a great deal of healing, forgiveness, and Soul Retrieval to call these lost pieces of yourself home. For a long time, the only way I could ‘cope’ was with multiple addictions. It was a vicious cycle, because finding relief in substances only compounded the anxiety.

    I’ve had multiple rock bottoms, i.e. Dark Nights of the Soul. I’ve brought myself back from the brink more times than I can count. But, I turned it around, forgave myself and those involved, and I’ve been sober going on 3 years, I gave up caffeine too, and my health is rising.

    I’ve learned the hard way what it takes to truly find inner peace within the body and the mind, and I can’t wait to share these powerful insights, resources, and skills with you, so that you can start living your best life now!

  5. You were never supposed to fit in…

    You were never supposed to fit in…

    Beautiful Soul, you did not come here to fit in, to play along, to do things by the book, or to trade your precious time for someone else’s dreams. You came here with your own dreams, powerful gifts, and a potent Earth Mission.

    Your Highest Timeline is real and it’s waiting for you. You can feel it there, you know there’s vibrant potential living inside you. It’s time to unlock it.

    Unlock Your Highest Timeline is a Soul led, 9 week breakthrough course with me. I’ve helped hundreds of Awakening Souls to find the energetic escalator to their Highest Timeline, it’s closer than you think. With me as your Guide, with direction from your Spirit Team, and a little courage, you will begin the ascent.

    Believe in yourself, because you have so much to share with this world, to give and to receive. Allow me to illuminate your Highest Timeline path, it’s what I do best, and nothing makes me happier than watching my students tap in to ALL the good. All the abundance, purpose, fulfillment, love, health, and happiness is waiting! It’s time to take the first step.

  6. Allow me to shift your Timeline!

    Allow me to shift your Timeline!

    These 9 weeks together will be Divinely Orchestrated and full of initiations, information, guidance, and deep healing. We will be experiencing as a group, Lessons, Activations, Healings, Upgrades, Exercises, Practice Sessions, Journeys, Downloads, Integration, Group Shares and more.

    My courses and events are so epic, so ground breaking, and completely transformational for me as well! Just facilitating these timeline shifts for others, advances me in powerful ways I can never predict. I am SO excited for this offering. To give, receive, and share with you.

    Unlock Your Highest Timeline starts Wednesday, June 29th. The classes will be live on Zoom for approximately 2hrs each Wednesday evening. The scheduled time will be determined by a poll inside the Group, so I can get as many people live as possible. These classes will also be recorded and the replays posted the same day. The replays are just as powerful as the live classes, so don’t worry if you can’t be there live.

    As well as a class each week, you can expect additional videos, posts, and offerings from me throughout the duration of the 9 weeks. There will be homework assigned when applicable, and I encourage you to hold yourself accountable! The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it! The Group organization will be hosted within a Facebook Group.

    At the checkout you can choose UYHT for $999 OR you can UPGRADE to the UYHT VIP package for $1111 to receive a bonus one on one personal session with me. This 1 hour private session will be scheduled to suit your convenience. You can’t get private sessions with me at this rate, so take advantage today!

    There are payment plans available as well:
    •4x payments of $250
    •4x payment of $278 for VIP
    Charges happen once at signup, and every 3 weeks thereafter.
    To take advantage of a payment plan, please use the second link at the bottom of page.

    The doors close on this course soon, so act now and secure your spot!

    In the last year I’ve gone from living a life that wasn’t supporting me, struggling to trust my intuition, becoming overwhelmed easily, and in a relationship that didn’t honour who I really was. I felt lost.

    Now I’m tapping into my gifts every single day, and using my psychic abilities to serve the Light.

    I’m being of service to incredible Awakening Souls, by connecting them with their Angels, Ancestors, Galactic Guides, Councils, their Parallel Selves and lifetimes, and my favourite - training them in their own Soul gifts.

    I’m running a successful, powerful Membership, plus I sold out my first course (Psychic Light Training) to which I received the feedback, student results, and testimonials I could only dream of! 😍

    Blessings move fast when you make room for your miracles.

    I’ve unlocked something powerful, and now I get to share it with you->
    How To Unlock Your Highest Timeline.

    On the path of your Earth Mission every new step feels scary at first, but if you lean into that feeling and do the thing anyway, you’ll end up where you’re meant to be.

    It’s time to act. I’ll see you inside!

    ~ Jenny