Greetings starseeds, lightworkers and all beings wonderful. I am Ashley Michelle of StarSeedShadows

I have been a student of the tarot and astrology for around ten years.

My goal is to help you find your connection with spirit through shadow work and reflection. I believe that in todays world and society we have truly become distant with spirituality and connection with one another.

I help people rememeber their true potential and strength through a variety of different channels.

Readings & Reiki

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Tell it To Me Straight

This one card spread is perfect for quick guidance for your day or answer to a burning question. Jupiter will give you clarification on your life path and guidance to take the next step. $7

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The Fortune Teller

Jupiter will use this 3 card spread to answer the querent's specific question regarding their past, present and future. Utilize this spread when your question requires a look through time. $17

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Your Spirit Guides Are Knockin'

This 5 card spread will help you connect with spirit to find guidance in the hard questions that come up in life. Through the use of the tarot, together we will heed the advice from spirit to continue on the path to enlightenment. $27

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Gimme the Tea

Jupiter will use the classic Celtic Cross spread to do a deep dive into your life. This spread provides superb insight the past, present, future, foundation, potential outcomes and more. This spread is perfect for big decisions or personal guidance. $47

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The Wheel of Time

In this spread Jupiter will either focus on the querents solar return or year ahead. We will talk about each month of the next year in depth and end with advice from spirit. This spread makes a great birthday present and is a fantastic start to a new year. $67

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Guidance from Mama Moon

This spread can be booked at any time but is advised to book for the New Moon or the Full Moon to gain the most from your reading. This oracle spread will utilize the energies of these different moon phases to help you make the most of your spiritual practice from month to month. $37

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Ask the Oracle

Advice from the oracle can be added to any tarot spread by request. A full oracle spread can also be hand created for the querent by request as well.

*Pricing varies

Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy is a form of energy work that is meant to assess and balance ailments in the body and the chakra zones. I use crystals in my reiki therapy sessions, as I have found that the healing benefits of crystals are ones that my clients enjoy as well as myself. I only use crystals that I, myself have cleared, charged and blessed with intentions for you, the client. These crystals will be placed on the body, in each chakra region, doing their work while I do mine. After the session, you and I will sit down and reflect on your session. What did you feel? What didn’t you feel? What did I feel? What should we focus on for next time?

Van Van Oil

Van Van oil is an old hoodoo conjure oil used to protect against the evil eye, bring in good luck, change existing circumstances. My Van Van oil can be used to annoint candles, cleanse and clear crystals, in ritual or spiritual baths and on the wrists and neck to bless the body. Add a few drops to your floor wash to bless the home. My Van Van oil includes traditional ingredients like lemongrass and vetiver but also personal ingredients like pyrite chips have been added to bless each and every bottle.


Readings at the Spirit Room

Every Friday 8PM-12AM