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Hi there🙋🏽‍♀️🙂,

Awwwnn, thank you for stopping by my profile and clicking. It feels good to know you are interested in knowing what I’m about and what my focus and specialties are, I am smiling.

Hold your phone properly and sit comfortably, that's if you're sitting, and allow me to do a proper introduction of myself.🙂

My name is Stephanie Egbeziemi Ideho-Iraoya, whew! Yeah, I know, a long Edo name( that is what happens when you're a pure breed_both folks are from Edo state), you can call me Steph or Stee or S.E.I.I. or you can give me a nickname, that way we become less formal. I’m a Nigerian, obviously lol and from the Southern part, Edo State to be precise, I majored in Computer Science( don't even start thinking about programming, computer science isn't just about programming), okay, you can DM for more information on that lol.

Anyways, you might wonder why writing, is more of an interest while growing up I had a thing for writing, got a diary as a young girl, and had all crazy, inspiring stuff inside. That wasn't enough, I use to sneak into my dad's office and use his computer, then desktop, write and save them. One day he stumbled on my articles and read them and we spoke about writing, I told him I will like to write and post, and people can read and be inspired too. That was how it started, the whole writing.

As the young and vibrant lady, that I am 😁, motivating people is something that comes easy to me, it's like my "thing", I do give great advice on anything life, relationship, and the likes. I always have this sense of contentment when I have a deep meaningful talks with my friends & family and they go feeling inspired. That's a great feeling for me.

I hope as you read my content you feel inspired and motivated too. I love it when I get feedback from y'all, don't be shy, I am as sweet as anything, feel free and DM anytime.

Thank you for taking your time to know more about me.🤗
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Xoxo steewrites❤👒

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