a little bit about me

Hiiii! I’m Stefanie (Stefie for short) Some of you may already know me, some of you not so much. So let me reintroduce myself.

I’m a 26 year old libra, boy mom of 2, fur mom of 7, and married to my childhood love. I’m super spiritual and believe in God and all his glory. I believe in fairytales and magic but I’m also a realist. I’m a lover of Netflix, ramen, and tequila (preferably all together lol) Hobbies? Disney, reading, writing, and picturesssss! , I own two small baking business, and also help people build + rebuild themselves and their bank accounts.

Life has taught me quite a few lessons and my goal is to apply those lessons to not only provide all my babies the best life they could possibly dream of, but to also share my stories in hopes of inspiring and guiding people to grow and unlock the potential that I already know is in them.

I’m a see-er of light and don’t believe in coincidences, so if you’ve stumbled onto here and have read this far.. there’s a reason. You need to hit me up.

Every great thing that’s ever happened started with a hello... so hello beautiful soul. Let’s be friends!

xoxo -S