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I am Steffi, and I’d love to help YOU 🙂

Hi! Welcome to my little corner 🌿

I am a mom with a passion for wellness who realized that nothing was going to change unless I started taking care of myself.

When I gave birth to my son back in 2019 I let myself go. Basically self-care wasn’t a priority because I had a baby to take care of.

Fast forward to 2020 my body started showing signs that I needed to pay attention to it. I felt bloated at all times, constipation became a real issue, I couldn’t control the weight gain, I had skin rashes all over my body and everytime I stood in front of the mirror I couldn’t recognize myself. I was sad.

In 2022 I decided to make my well being a priority because after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup! So, I reached out to a friend who had recommended me the 30 days of Healthy Living Arbonne program a while ago and decided to sign up.

30 days into the program everything started changing for the better. I felt pretty, happy and in peace with myself again, which allowed me to show up in a better way for my son, my husband and the people that surround me 🤍

I fell in love with this program and the team, and decided to partner up with Arbonne as an Independent Consultant. Since then my goal is to help people create healthy habits that will serve them in a positive way, and doing so with love and care.

If you feel like you need help taking care of yourself, I am here to talk, I was there once. Just slide into my DMs and let’s have a chat!


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If you are looking into creating a new stream of income that allows you to have flexibility & growth in a more personal level I am here to help 🙂