Beyond this world.

A place where you can enjoy shopping for the witch within you. Whether you are a long time practitioner or simply curious, whether you're 15 or 60 years of age, and regardless of gender or religious beliefs, all are welcomed here.

As a mom of two girls in an ever changing world, Ethereal was made as a place of belonging and comfort. Here you'll find a bit of everything that has held a place in my life. I absolutely love literature, creative writing, tatoos, traveling, and the craft. Similar to my likes, there are different categories to shop from that run parallel to my own life: cute anime or kawaii, stationary, stickers, pins, tumblers, mental heath items, and more than anything, witchy items.
Full disclosure: I do NOT sell white sage, nor will I ever. I also don't work with deities, so I will not be selling deity specific items. If I don't practice it myself, or if I simply do not know enough about it, I won't be selling it. However, upon request, I can redirect you to another business who is more knowledgeable in that field. These products are as real as you, me, and the world beyond. Hence forth, some products will have advisories/ disclaimers, and it will be up to you on how you proceed.
Ethereal, a place to aid your journey.