About Me- Stephanie 🖤

I’ll be the one with her hair up, Nike headband, and scrubs or leggings on depending on the day...

Hi! I’m 30 and I’ve finally found a hobby I’m kind of good at..

A little back story to fill you in...

I remember the exact day in 2019 when everything changed for me- JUNE 30th.
I remember Jake and Gracie had gone home for the week for our high school's annual softball tournament/to visit family, but I was stuck at home because I had just started my job 2 months prior, with zero PTO yet.
I felt so gross that day, and yes- that is the best descriptor I could use at that moment. But, I remember going into the bathroom, lifting my shirt and taking 3 pictures (front, side and back.) Honestly, I instantly started crying. I had this guilt of being frustrated because HOW could I be disgusted with my body?! I grew a human-freaking-being! I had a c-section because everything that could’ve gone wrong after being induced- did! Wanna know what else was down-right pitiful? My FEELINGS! My emotions. I was a hot-fricken-mess! Crying all the time, drinking alcohol every weekend, eating out 4-6 times a week, spending over $60 every time, and down-right in full-blown postpartum anxiety that heightened every time my baby girl cried or did something to upset me. I knew enough was enough, and I knew taking medication was going to get me nowhere with what I was seeing in the mirror.

The moral of the story is this:

If you feel like you, YES YOU, are at a point in your life, post-partum or not, where you're tired of being tired and unhappy with how you look or FEEL, please let me guide you to the light! I may not see you on here, but I sure as hell can help you SEE YOURSELF! Believe me- it may seem like you don’t deserve to have this moment, but let me reiterate this to you... YOU DO! So what’s stopping you?

What are you benefiting from waiting another day?

I promise if I could do this, you absolutely can too! I’m only a message away from changing your freaking life! 🖤