I'm Stephanie friese (Stephfriese)

I am a wife and mother of 3 grown children and 3 furbaby cats!

On paper you would think my life should be great...but in all honesty I wasn't feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally well.
I had severe low energy, poor sleep, no concentration. I could not read and comprehend anything. I would drag myself through the day. I have inflammation from autoimmune diseases, depression, and anxiety.

I wanted to feel human again! I started researching diets that help with inflammation and energy. I came across the keto lifestyle.
I watched and rewatched videos on utube.
I came across a channel that inspired me to make the choice to change my lifestyle!

I took a leap of faith and ordered a 10 day experience and keto reboot to start me off.
Pruvit and NAT ketones changed my life! I feel like I'm apart of the human race!
Along with 1-2 ketones a day I follow a low carb, high fat diet without added sugar or processed foods. I increased my excercise to 4x a week.

The changes in me are so exponential! I have energy and endurance to get through the day plus workout. My mood is no longer irritable but excited and happy! I have clarity and brain fog is gone. Also, my inflammation has gone down and physically feel so much better. Also, can fit in pants i haven't worn in 2 years.

I chose to change my life for the better and Pruvit ketones gives me the extra help I needed. I know if I stay consistent, excercise, and not quit i will be my healthiest, most motivated and content person then I have ever been!

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