Tell the world what you’re made of

I’m a God loving, wife, Momma, and nurse. I’ve lost myself to those titles (not a bad thing- the best titles I’ve ever had) and am learning to spread my wings and soar!

I was scrolling through Insta and was just in a rut. Yo-yo dieted a million times, started workout guides time and again, having no energy to do the basics (cooking, cleaning, shopping), and having even less energy to do the fun things (going to the park, date night, sporadic day trips). I was trying hard not to accept the fact that this is just how things will be. I was at my heaviest weight (or within a few pounds of it anyways) and hated the way I was “living” my life. God had to have more in store for me, right??

So back to the story- I found my new friend showing me how I CAN lose weight and live and LOVE life to the fullest. Her story resonated HARD with me.

Was I afraid, absolutely!? What would everyone think? Ughhh, trying something different again? What’s she doing now? What if it doesn’t work? This will be so embarrassing. But then a bigger thought 💭 kept coming through. “What if it does work?”

So, I took the leap! I was desperate for a change, and what the heck, I’d tried about everything else. I was used to the dieting that lead to bingeing and feeling of guilt and failure. I was constantly thinking about and wanting food. This was something different. Something easier, sustainable.

And wouldn’t you know, it’s working! The first week I lost 7 pounds!!! Month 3 in- 16 pounds gone forever! 😯 And now have the opportunity to help others do the same!

Just overwhelmingly thankful for this chance to do my second chance. 😌