Stephanie Jayne Coaching

Little bit about me and what I do....

Hello, I'm Steph and I am an Anxiety Management Coach.

I help people overcome their fears and apprehensions, control their anxieties and set them free from what is keeping them stuck 🦋💛

I have lived with anxiety for around 6yrs now, in that time I have been on medication and even had my own coach to overcome my issues with anxiety. Now I am able to control my mental health in such a loving and positive way, that I know first hand the tools I use within my coaching are the best, because I continue to use them everyday to ensure my own mental health remains strong.

My signature one to one coaching programme, Inner Power Breakthrough Programme, helps people overcome the things that cause them unease, worry or fear and transform their mindsets, so they can live a life full of inner peace and freedom...

In 4 months I can help you -
🦋Control your anxiety and the triggers that cause it
🦋Dive deep into the root cause of your anxieties and heal that part of you to ensure a future full of serenity
🦋Reconnect back to yourself and show you how to truly fill yourself with love and kindness
🦋Feel, process and heal all the negative emotions that hold you back from living a life of freedom, and give you lifelong tools to help keep your anxiety under control

So, if you are ready to finally step into your inner power and set yourself free, then come and work with me... As your anxiety management coach, I will take you on a journey of ultimate self discovery and support you in creating more serenity and freedom in your life!!!

Click the link below, to arrange a free, no obligation 30 minute discovery call and let's see where this new journey takes you!...

Sending you so much love