WELCOME! Who am I and what I do ⬇️

First of all, if you know what’s up and you want to go straight to the important links, SWIPE ACROSS.

On the third page you will also find some further information on my offerings to you.

For those with the burning questions, welcome.. allow me offer some clarity!

I, Stephanie, am a conscious awareness and empowerment coach (there’s more to it however if I had to put a name of it, this would be it) 🪐

I help women heal from their pasts, become consciously aware of the present and get clear on their futures.

Through conscious awareness and increased emotional intelligence we are able to live a life full of abundance and joy.

We are able to manifest what we desire and get out of our own way.

I help you do the following ⬇️

Reconnect to your inner self, purposes and core values.

Get out of your head and into your heart by removing limiting beliefs/fears and unblocking what is holding you back.

Fire up your the feminine goddess inside of you and awaken the pleasures of your life.

Heal past wounds and childhood conditioning.

Shift into your desired life.

I also ⬇️

Increase your emotional intelligence.

Become consciously aware of your present behaviours . How they have formed over time and how to shift your patterns to get out of your own way.

Coach you on how to balance your masculine and feminine energies.

Spiritually expand you through Reiki energy healing.

Guide you on how to be content in solitude after a long OR short relationship.

Reconnect you to who you are when you are in solitude.

And anything in between. 🌙

Supporting you on a soul discovery personal development journey, I guide you on shifting into your desired life and becoming one with your highest self.

That’s a mouthful but we’re fkn here for it.




Work one on one together to create life changing transformations. (Like a personal trainer but for your personal development 🙋🏻‍♀️) An investment into your own up-levelling.

With a holistic and spiritual approach, we dig deep and heal. We get to the bottom of what is holding you back, honour that part of ourselves and f*** if off through conscious awareness, integration and embodiment.

For the women that is ready to unlock her goddess like powers and STAND in them.

Discover herself on a deeper level and embody everything that comes along with that.

One on one coaching can be revolved around what you want to achieve, embody and remove combined with what I uncover.

With accountability there is ⬇️
🔥 60- 90 minute 1:1 sessions weekly (amount of sessions depends on package chosen - email or message stephanie for package info)
🔥 Action tasks each week, intention and goal setting
🔥 Reflection and gratitude practises
🔥 Spiritual teachings, guidance and expanding
🔥 Manifestation teachings to unlock blocks and get you in the same vibration as your desires
🔥 Money mindset shifting - coaching you to welcome in and allow an abundance of wealth
🔥 Self- love, worth and respect reframing so you can fall head over heals with your mind, body and spirit.
🔥 Mindset shifting
🔥 Pleasure awakenings
🔥 24/6 support via Voxer app providing coaching with everyday emotions, obstacles that come up (like having a coach in your back pocket)
🔥 Life changing results, resources and shifts.

*not limited to these*

There is 6, 8 or 12 week 1:1 packages available. Please book a 1:1 complimentary discovery call (book through Dm or email) to discuss which one is best for you.

I myself invest in myself through the coaching modality and I know first hand the fear on investing in yourself.

I am here to tell you that you are safe and what’s on the other side of that fear is the energy and life you desire.

Saying yes to yourself is operating from the space you know you belong in instead of operating from past experiences… it can be scary, I get it.

Operating and making this decision from where you desire expands you and shifts you into that life.

We then relearn what is needed to then hold this sustainably, fuck to the yes 🔥

In order to grow and develop we need to take that leap, through this you take it with the support of me there by your side.

Vulnerability = GROWTH.

As they say, you can’t do what you have always done and expect different results.

If you are unsure if this is for you, have any questions about the package, wondering if what you’re going through can be helped with this package, want to discuss any fears around starting. -> I am here and ready to hold space for you. Reach out and we can book in your free discovery call 🤍


8 week potent group coaching container.


ROUND 3 WILL BE IN JUNE - date yet to be confirmed.

🔥 To reclaim parts of self
🔥 To honour the parts of you that are healing
🔥 To learn the teachings and portals of personal development to continue on your inner work journey
🔥 To meet and be in the energy of like-minded soul led women and assist in healing the sisterhood wound through vulnerability
🔥 8 weeks of intimate group coaching including portals through - Beliefs, forgiveness, ego work, shadow work, breath-work, emotional intelligence, boundaries and expression, sisterhood, manifestation.


- WEEKLY 90minute group coaching call
- Intentionally construction workbook to move through as you move through the course to help anchor in all teachings and embody the work … INTEGRATION !!! 🙏🏼
- Weekly email check in to ensure you are understanding the work on a personal level to help facilitate growth you on your personal journey
- Validation, sharing and support from all the women in the container.
*not limited too*

Feeeeelin’ that energy? 🔥🔥🔥


👁 Is feeling like there is a part of themselves missing and knows there is parts to reclaim.
👁 Is finding themselves comparing themselves too other women and judging other women… is desiring to heal this sisterhood wound through vulnerability and connection.
👁 Is wanting to open up the portals of their beliefs, shadows, sensuality, ego, pleasure safely with guidance.
👁 To be guided through forgiveness and emotional intelligence work.
👁 To manifest.
👁 To take of the armour off, unlearn to relearn and release through breath-work.

ℹ️ More information and testimonials in Reclamation highlight on Instagram page.

Any questions around if this is right for you and wanting to know if it covers what you are desiring? Please contact Stephanie through Instagram or email.



This 90 minute one on one session is for anyone feeling stuck, in feelings of lack and unsure.

Are you confused about the fact that you aren’t where you want to be? Maybe you’re stuck in a job you don’t like? A relationship that doesn’t serve you? Not sure why things aren’t working?
This is for you.

It’s also perfect for anyone wanting to get a feel for what having a coach is like before investing in one on one coaching.

You want to begin the journey of self development and expansion.

Any of the above, this is for you.

I hold the space for you to feel safe and receive guidance.


Just a few words to describe this session.

We dive into each and every area of your life, assess what is working and what isn’t and right then and there - improve it.
We braindump where you can go from ‘here’.
We discover the inner work that needs to be done in order for you to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself.

After every area of life is dived into, we do a healing meditation. I take everything out of the session and transform it into a WELLNESS ACTION PLAN.
This wellness action plan is for you to use as a guide to overall improve your life and create lasting change.

Any questions? Let’s chat!

* This session can be booked via the ‘book now’ button on my Instagram page.
* Session is $222 AUD - can be paid in full or two payments of $111.


Allow me to speak in your group container, in person event or even on your podcast/ Instagram live!

Through speaking I facilitate growth and understanding for your clients/audience/community.

Speaking topics can include but are not limited too;

🪐 Masculine and feminine energies
🪐 Conscious awareness and emotional intelligence
🪐 Shadow work
🪐 Inner child work
🪐 Belief work
🪐 Getting out of your own way
🪐 Manifestation
🪐 Inspirational

Speaking can also include embodiment work practises for integration and also a slide show for group coaching containers (please discuss with Stephanie what you would like.

For rates please email [email protected]