Let’s explore the possibilities

My name is Stephanie Lee also known as BOSSSTEPH! I’ve been referencing myself as a boss as far back as I can remember; not because I wanted to boss people around but because I’ve always wanted to live life on my own terms. For a while, that meant living up to societal standards, you know, the graduate college, career, meet your soul mate, marriage and family all by 30! After all, that’s success, right? Well, that’s what we are conditioned to believe, but we are not a one size fit all of a people! While these expectations may serve its purpose depending on who you are, I’m here to let you know that we are so much more than that and every timeline is different. There are no limits to who you can be even if it goes against what others believe.

On the way up the ladder, I realized something was missing and that living up to others expectations was never going to be satisfying so, I went on a journey within. I’ve learned that the only way to truly live life on your own terms is to free yourself from your mind (limited beliefs) and let your soul shine (purpose) and that is BOSS!

During the day, I am a Director, managing a foster care program and during the evening/weekends I am a Psychotherapist. Currently, I am accepting a limited amount of coaching clients. I want to help people achieve freedom and clarity so they can live life on their own terms too. I facilitate deep coaching by asking simple yet powerful questions. If you are ready to dive deep, send me a DM or email stephanieleecoaching@gmail.com for details.

You are your biggest investment! Let’s explore the possibilities!