Let’s Chat

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Stephanie Bartlett! I’m a 21 year old newlywed, college senior, and Monat Market Partner! My husband Kaleb and I just bought our first home in Ankeny, Iowa, and we are still working on small projects to complete it!

I enjoy family time, watching movies (NO SCARY MOVIES), food, organizing, and telling anyone and everyone about things that I love!

3 Ways to Start!

How to begin your journey with Monat!

There are three different ways to get started with Monat. Let’s chat about them!

This is the most expensive option but there’s no commitment! You pay full price, shipping, and do not have access to any sales! You do get our Purchase + discount so if you spend a certain amount, you’ll get 15%, 20%, or 25% off!

This is the best in-between option! VIP customers pay a one time $19.99 fee for lifetime membership, get 15% off everything, access to flash sales, a birthday coupon, and the Purchase + discounts! The only “catch” is you have to keep an active flexship. You don’t have to purchase it so it’s not a subscription! You have complete control over what you get and when you get it!

Market Partner:
This is the best discount and how you sell! You have the opportunity to sell (no inventory, no sales quotas, no catch), 30% discount off everything, access to all flash sales, the ability to use or turn off your flexship, AND you get to start with a product pack, which have the discounts!

Which one sounds like it’s for you?