About Stephanie Monique

The #SweatBuddy for EveryBODY

Hey Everyone! So I'm Stephanie Monique..
I am a fashion model, YouTuber, foodie, travel enthusiast and a Certified Personal Trainer and Plant-Based Nutritionist. I am also a licensed Zumba ® Strong Instructor and Herbalife Distributor...jack of all trades right?. Crazy right? So basically I do everything lol.. but fitness plays a HUGE role in my life on top of everything else I do especially because I'm a former Division 1 Track & Field athlete.

So after a Track & field injury, I was left struggling with my weight. I reached out to so many people but no one truly understood my goals or even understood what I was dealing with. Anyone can become a personal trainer, but sometimes it takes someone who truly cares about their clients to make a long lasting impression. Eventually I gave up on reaching out to people and decided to take matters into my own hands and by altering my diet and becoming more involved in my fitness, my passion emerged as I noticed changes in my body which boosted my confidence and improved my strength and cardio endurance. That challenge towards my own transformation, as well as my feelings towards the difficulty in finding a trainer that truly connected with me and understood me, is what drove my desire to help others feel the same

In order to ensure that I am providing the best services for my clients, I am continuously furthering my studies in fitness and nutrition. In fact I am currently studying to receive my doctorate in Biostatistics & Epidemiology with a Specialization in Obesity Prevention through Nutrition & Physical activity at the Florida A&M University. I aim to help build my client's confidence through exercise and nutrition by offering researched nutritional advice, cardio workouts, and strength and conditioning programs.

My goal is to MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT any and everyBODY wherever they are on their fitness journey...every step of the way...it’s not about how fancy the workout, it’s just about taking a little bit of time to ... #JustSweat