It’s All About The RAD Journey

Your Customer’s. Your’s. And Mine.

Hi! I am Stephanie O’Brien. I am a purpose led, psychology driven brand strategist and insights pro who works with both world class brands and entrepreneurs on how to clarify and up level their biggest asset- their brand.


I live and breathe getting you super focused on DISCOVERING.

I’ve been to over 40 countries and know that the real value lies in the journey and not just the destination.

I will work with you to lead, guide and collaborate on custom projects or jump into my totally immersive, interactive RAD Discovery workshops to help you get clarity on your identity, narrative, and your big brand and product ideas.

Think about a special trip you’ve made. How did being out of your day to day routine make you feel?

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

Did being on a journey lead you to a new perspective?

Were you able to focus on some much needed shifts in your life?

Were you inspired?

The same principle applies in your business.

Taking a step outside of your day to day- whether you are an entrepreneur, run a team or a whole company- and devoting time to DISCOVER will have a huge impact on your business.

What will you discover?

-Your Hero- aka your customer. What they struggle with and what they desire. What they are saying, thinking and feeling. What their experience is. What matters to them.

- Your RAD Brand Idea: Your customer’s need and desires and your brand idea are two sides of the same coin. Yes, your brand is about your offerings but it’s also “why should people care.”

You will discover your unique purpose, culture, story and offers and how they will connect with and create value for your customer.

In other words, together we will zero in on your RAD-ness so you can connect, engage and inspire action in your business.

Relevant. Authenic. Different.


Building a strong brand is one of the highest leverage business building efforts you can make.

You’re busy working IN your business but gaining laser focused brand clarity will shift you to working ON your business… and is THE best move for getting to the next level.


In order to convey real value and become truly RAD, it means shifting from only product led thinking into purpose led, customer inspired BRAND thinking.


Whether you’re a b2c or b2b business, start up or an agency with with one of those clients, it’s all about how people discover and experience your brand.

Your customers and your own people.

Experience creates the community and connections they crave and leads to loyalty, advocacy and sales.

Through creative and innovative methodologies I can provide a deep understanding of consumer behavior, cultural and technological trends, and competitive insight to get us to that “sweet spot” where a powerfully relevant voice and customer experience meet.

We will uncover perspectives and actionable insights driven by your customers behavior, stakeholder values, journey and experiences.

We will create your unique POV, Voice and Narrative to drive innovation, differentiation, content and messaging and solve your business challenges.

I am passionate about guiding my clients to build amazing brand journeys that connect to real people in real time and solve real issues.

The Brand journey never stops. Together we can inspire dynamic experiences that truly meet ever changing needs and drive engagement.

Just read the endorsements and there’s no mistaking the passionate professionalism and talent for connecting with people that define the value that I offer.


Whether you are a well established brand/business, a start-up or an agency, we can work together to leverage the intersections of insight and strategy, collaboration and inspiration.

📀 Innovative Customer/Market Insight and Idea Testing- 1:1, mobile diary, mobile observation, dynamic groups, online communities/panels

📀 RAD Brand Strategy Workshop Sessions: Positioning/Purpose/Archetype/Narrative/Architecture

📀 Audience Persona and Customer Journey Development

📀 Amplify Your RAD: Brand Voice, Naming and Messaging

📀 Leadership: Client/Account Management Projects and New Business Pitches


I have honed my expertise through years of working in global ad agencies like J. Walter Thompson, McCann Worldgroup and The Integer Group for some of the most iconic brands the world.

Add to that years of consulting with marketing agencies and brands of all sizes- from retailers like Target to tech companies like Fastly to start ups like heybaby-and you can be confident in the depth and breadth of my expertise.

I’d love to jump on a call to provide more details on how I can help clarify, create and amplify your brand RAD-ness.

We will talk about how we can get your business to the next level by creating connection with and serving your best customers, and inspiring your team.

We’ll find the intersection of the most meaningful, actionable market/consumer insights with your unique purpose, vision and POV so we can develop a clear and inspiring roadmap ( I.e. brand strategy).

And experience and expertise aside, I’ve been told I’m kind of fun to work with too...😊

From a few clients...

“Stephanie is rare in the Strategy world.

“Stephanie is wonderful on many levels. Smart. Creative. Passionate. Committed. Upbeat. And just really fun to work with. We hired Stephanie to help us run some last-minute focus groups. She was able to inspire and engage the participants, ultimately delivering a report that was super helpful and insightful for forthcoming marketing efforts. Anyhow, you get the point. Stephanie's great."

Chas McFeeley - Co-Founder @heybaby

"I hired Stephanie to design and moderate consumer focus groups. Not only was she a seasoned professional who worked seamlessly with our internal team, she was able to quickly pivot the groups to an online forum when the covid-19 lockdown happened. Her creativity and flexibility were key to getting the project done in quickly changing circumstances. I would hire her again in a minute."

Katie Hagan. | Vice President, Innovation - Mattson Co.

From a Target/Ingrid and Isabel 12 month ethnography participant...

“ I had no idea what to expect when joining a long term focus group. I thought ok cool someone wants to pay to follow along my pregnancy journey. I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable enough to share. Man was I pleasantly surprised! Talking with Holly and Stephanie really made me feel like I was talking and sharing with long time friends. They asked me questions that challenged me to really dig deep and to self reflect. It allowed me to really cherish all aspects of my pregnancy and be intentional about how I viewed my experience. They made me feel special, like I was the only one in the study and when sharing with them it felt like filling in my friends on what they had missed. I appreciated the warmth and the professionalism of both ladies. I know I enjoyed it so much that if they asked me to be apart of another sstudy I would jump at the chance because I know that I would have an amazing experience.”

The Sophistication Of Big-Time Brand Experience

Made available to you. Let’s discover how to make your brand RAD.