Hi my name is Stephanie!!

I’m so glad you came!!!

I am a new mom to a beautiful little girl, #GIRLMOM! I’m also engaged to the most amazing guy in the entire world! I also have 3 funny fur babies, two dogs named Tate and aspen and one cat named tabby. My life is full of new love and excitement along with my job! There is nothing more that I love than helping people reach their goals of comfort or bettering their lives!

I am 23 years old

A mother to a beautiful little girl and a wife to the most amazing husband

Let me tell you my back story!

2 years ago my boyfriend and I was living with my mother and we decided that we was ready to move out to get our own place. Both of us was working full time jobs working over 40 hrs a week! Every paycheck would go toward our bills, having to choose between gas or groceries. Constantly asking my mother for help or to borrow money! We started to think that maybe we wasn’t ready to be on our own.. started to think about moving back in with my mother after our lease was over.

Back story —


We decided to stick it out and do what we could. We never saw each other, never got to go on dates. We couldn’t afford to much of anything. It wasn’t until we found out that we was pregnant that God blessed us with an amazing house to begin raising our beautiful baby. But once again we could barely afford it. It was over budget but we made it happen for our daughter!

How I said YES!!

That’s when I found this girl that I’be watched for years talking about how she works from home, raises her babies with her husband, home schooling her daughters, getting to spend every second of her day being with her family! Bought their dream house. Bought her dream car (truck) in CASH!!! I was in shock!! I wanted that life for my family! But I was to scared to go for it.. eventually I looked at our little home and seen how stressed and worn my husband was and decided to take our lives by the horns and go for it! That next morning I messaged her and asked “ how do I get started!”

You can too!

This has been the most amazing job that doesn’t even feel like a job I’ve ever had! I have an amazing time learning new things everyday. I meet new people everyday through this business !! There is nothing else I’d rather do than be at home with my daughter and making money over my phone! I help many women work from home, reach their goals... I can help you too! 💕