a little about me

Stephanie Marie

I'm an aspiring mental health therapist currently working towards licensure.

I love connecting with people and listening to their stories. My mission in life is to help others grow, heal, and achieve their goals. It’s a rewarding and beautiful experience to watch others bloom and know you were a part of their growth and transformation.

I came across MONAT during the pandemic. At the time, I had just graduated from my masters program, lost a family member to COVID, lost my part-time job, and was struggling to make ends meet.

I was always skeptical to join an “MLM” because of all of the negative stigmas that follow the industry. After doing thorough research, I decided to join MONAT and I’ve never looked back!

This opportunity has taught me to be an entrepreneur, something I never thought I could be. But that’s the best part about this gig, you become the best version of yourself!

I’ve grown as a professional, as a person, and been challenged in ways that have pushed me to be all that I can be and more. I’ve tapped into potential that I didn’t even knew I had.

Guess what?

I’d love to help you tap into your potential and help you grow!

Have the best hair of your life

Rock your hair with confidence

The second thing I love most about this business is the products!

I love sharing these products with everyone because they are GAME-CHANGING. They’re literally next-level, Hogwarts magic in a bottle.

These products are vegan, anti-aging, leaping bunny certified, and clinically proven to provide promised results.

I sell these products because I love them. I don’t love them because I sell them.

I would love to show you what the hype is all about, but first....