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What's New!!!

The new fall/winter catalog was just released!

Summer Clearance —

Hey guys, Stephanie here... It's that time of year when we are on the brink of a new catalog and amazing new products coming out. To make space for new items and scents, some are retiring. Plus, a long hard look has been taken at what Lemongrass does best, and in order to be more focused and streamlined, some things we all love are being let go. One of these things that is permanently going is the essential oils line. This lets our company focus more fully on skincare, haircare, and body care. It's always sad to see things we love go, but this company always comes out with more amazing things. This is the time to stock up on what you love and look forward to new things. :)

Sale is on through Aug 3 - most things are available through then, but the essential oils and a couple other items are available while supplies last and some have already sold out. Check the details :)

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Grapefruit Bergamot

This one has been one of my favorites so I will admit I’m sad to see it go, but I’m also super excited to see what’s coming to replace it! They never disappoint. 🥰 This is a great time to stock up before it’s gone for good at 20% off too!!

The deodorant stick isn’t on sale and is the only item in the scent that will be remaining.

Each item will be on sale individually so you can grab the ones you want and there is NO LIMIT! 🎉 The scent and sale will be guaranteed through August 3 at 11am EST so if you need you can get some now and some next month!

Shop Grapefruit Bergamot here

Tea Tree & Citrus

Just a few items are retiring from this collection so if you love this scent don’t worry! You can still enjoy it in the prebiotic hand wash, foaming hand wash, and body wash.

If you enjoy the body polish or lotion duo then grab those now at a great discount! These are sold individually and available until the end of the sale - 11am EST on August 3!

I love the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the tea tree and citrus! I use it for soooo many purposes!

Shop the Tea Tree & Citrus line here


Not all unscented products that are retiring - we still have plenty such as the Organic Skin and Nail Balm, Ultra Hydrating Body Creme, Gentle Face Creme, etc. All that is leaving is the Unscented Hand Wash and Lotion Duo (the 2 oz lotion will still be an option in the Pick-a-Purse lotion set, just not in the large duo).

This is be 20% off individually and available through the end of the sale at 11am EST August 3.

Shop Unscented here

Natural Hand Sanitizer Gel

I love the gel but we also have the spray and that seems to be the preference for most. I do love the spray as well so I’m happy we will still have that option. I’m definitely grabbing a few of the gels as well since it works great and makes your hands so soft!

Shop Hand Sanitizers here

Peppermint Foot Balm in the tub

our peppermint foot balm but we aren’t getting rid of it entirely! Yay! We are just changing the size and container to make it more convenient. If you love the balm (which makes your feet so soft and hydrated and you can use it for other things as well) it’s a great time to get the larger jar on sale! After August 3 it will be available in the 1oz stick size instead.

Shop the Peppermint Foot Balm here

Almond Biscotti Bar Soap

Our Almond Biscotti Bar Soap is saying goodbye for good. This smells like a cookie 🍪 and is so soothing to your skin! This one is *while supplies* last so snag yours right away if you want any. 🙂

Shop the Almond Biscotti Bar Soap here :)

Essential Oils and Diffusers

This one is a big one! We carry a whole line of organic and wild crafted essential oils which are AMAZING! But we only carry a few and although they are top quality, our biggest focus is on skincare, makeup, and hair care. In order to keep expanding those lines we had to let go of a few others and chose to discontinue carrying oils and the accessories that go with it.

I completely understand the decision and I’m excited to see all the new things in store but I’m also planning to grab a few favorites while I can! 🎉 I'm happy to share about each of the oils and blends if you have any questions. Two favorite blends are:

❤️Balancing act - this is great for using topically to help with cramps, mood, etc. It’s also wonderful to diffuse for a calming effect and helps with stress and relaxation.

❤️Chill zone - this one is wonderful for sleep, relaxation, etc. and safe for all ages!

We also carry:
Sweet orange
Tea tree
and several more blends

These are all 15% off and **while supplies last** so you’ll want to hurry on these!

Shop essential oils and diffusers here :)

Mandarin Orange Whipped Body Butter

The whipped body butter is great for sunburns as well as hydration in the winter but since it’s whipped and mostly shea butter it has a very low melting point. In the hot summer months it oftentimes arrives “melted” which doesn’t change the effectiveness but takes away the fluffy whipped texture. So this is going to be retiring from the main catalog but we might still see a reappearance in the winter months! 😍

Just an FYI, if you do order it during the clearance sale there is a good chance it will come to you melted if you live where it’s very hot. But you can easily put it in the fridge to harden again or even take a mixer and whip it back up. You’ll still be able to use it just fine and it smells AMAZING!!! 🤗

This one is available until the end of the sale which is 11am EST August 3.

Shop the Mandarin Orange Whipped Body Butter here :)

2oz Body Spritzes

The 2oz Body Spritzes are leaving our regular catalog. We will offer 2oz spritzes from time to time, but not in the 5-pack. You can customize the 5-pack or order them individually for $5 each during this sale.

Shop our body spritzes here :)

Bath Soaks

The amazing and incredible bath soaks are going away. I hear rumbles of something great coming up, but have no idea what. If you love these, get them now. They are retiring at regular price.

Shop Bath Soaks here :)

Cooling Aloe Vera Gel

This is a seasonal item and won't be in the fall/winter catalog. If you need more for more fun in the sun this summer, grab it now!

I use this as well for hair gel for my curls!!! I will definitely be stocking up. We've found it to be soothing for skin irritations too.

Shop Aloe Gel here :)

Island Coconut Bronzing Butter

This is a season item and is retiring at regular price.

Shop Bronzing Butter here :)


This isn't going away permanently, just for the season. If you need more for this year, get it now. It's retiring at regular price.

Shop Bug-a-Boo

Redness on face —

Here are my top suggested Lemongrass products

Everyone's skin is so different - please feel free to text me at (443) 266-3803 if you want some personalized help choosing what would be best to try for your skin. Also, we have a 60-day exchange policy - just let me know if something isn't working for you and we can get something else of your choice sent out to you.

Starter Skin Set

The Starter Skin Set includes a prebiotic facial wash and a prebiotic face mist. Our prebiotic line helps to balance the pH of the skin using ingredients such as sea kelp. Many people have said the prebiotic line helps to reduce redness. The Coconut Rehab Creme is also included, which is a very lightweight moisturizer which protects against sun damage and contains vegan squalene.

Click here to order the Starter Skin Set or learn more about it

Complete Complexion Collection

This set has some overlap with the Starter Skin Set in that it offers a wash, mist, and moisturizer. I am including the entire set so you can see the options at a glance. The items from this set that are most talked about as helping with redness are the Rose Water Mist and the Hydrating Polish and Mask. These are very moisturizing and soothing, and help to develop healthy skin. Each of these items can be purchased separately. Feel free to contact me if you want personalized recommendations.

Click here to order the Complete Complexion Collection or to learn more about it.

Customized Sheer Minerals Starter Kit

Many women find that protecting their skin from the sun is helpful in controlling redness. You don't need harmful chemicals on your face to have protection - our mineral make up offers natural sunblock. Check out the ingredients list - only 5 items!!! You can also choose the Green Corrector as one of the items in this starter kit - green helps to balance out red, and it is designed specifically for helping to cover redness. There are lots of options available in this set - feel free to reach out for personalized color matching and advice!

Click here to order the Sheer Minerals Starter Kit or to learn more about it