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Redness on face —

Here are my top suggested Lemongrass products

Everyone's skin is so different - please feel free to text me at (443) 266-3803 if you want some personalized help choosing what would be best to try for your skin. Also, we have a 60-day exchange policy - just let me know if something isn't working for you and we can get something else of your choice sent out to you.

Starter Skin Set

The Starter Skin Set includes a prebiotic facial wash and a prebiotic face mist. Our prebiotic line helps to balance the pH of the skin using ingredients such as sea kelp. Many people have said the prebiotic line helps to reduce redness. The Coconut Rehab Creme is also included, which is a very lightweight moisturizer which protects against sun damage and contains vegan squalene.

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Complete Complexion Collection

This set has some overlap with the Starter Skin Set in that it offers a wash, mist, and moisturizer. I am including the entire set so you can see the options at a glance. The items from this set that are most talked about as helping with redness are the Rose Water Mist and the Hydrating Polish and Mask. These are very moisturizing and soothing, and help to develop healthy skin. Each of these items can be purchased separately. Feel free to contact me if you want personalized recommendations.

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Customized Sheer Minerals Starter Kit

Many women find that protecting their skin from the sun is helpful in controlling redness. You don't need harmful chemicals on your face to have protection - our mineral make up offers natural sunblock. Check out the ingredients list - only 5 items!!! You can also choose the Green Corrector as one of the items in this starter kit - green helps to balance out red, and it is designed specifically for helping to cover redness. There are lots of options available in this set - feel free to reach out for personalized color matching and advice!

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Seasonal Fall Items

The scents of caramel, apples, and coffee...what a way to celebrate fall!!!