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About Me

I suspect I'm not unlike many of you in that I thought skincare was an area where I could go cheap. Who needs to spend a bunch of $ on lotion and lipstick when the stuff at Walmart or even Dollar Tree worked well enough and smelled good???

When our first baby came along, and she spent time in the NICU because she was preemie, I quit right then and there with wearing perfume and decided to cut all toxic chemicals from our household. No dryer sheets, no scented laundry detergent, no candles, no harsh cleaning supplies...and though I did it for her, I was shocked that my own headaches and brain fog that I didn't really even know I had all my life disappeared!

I also refused to use "regular" baby washes and lotions on her - I had seen enough here and there to know that they had carcinogens and endocrine disrupters. I went on a search for safe products - but I didn't really know what I was looking for and it seemed I was paying a lot of money for products that still had ingredients lists I couldn't pronounce.

When my 3rd baby came along, a friend suggested I try the Healing Elements Balm from Lemongrass Spa as a diaper creme. I figured I could give it a try - I wasn't happy with any others I had gone through. I liked the simple ingredients list and when it arrived, I knew within days that it was like nothing else I had tried before. Not only did it clear rashes, but it instantly soothed bug bites, minor burns, and dry skin on my kids. I was sold! I asked my friend to send me some samples of other items and scheduled a party so I could get some more of that Healing Balm. The samples I got convinced me on the spot that I could recommend these products to others - the petroleum-free lip balm actually moisturized my lips and left no white residue, the body polish cleared up my dry hands within a couple uses, and the lotion absorbed immediately and wasn't greasy. Plus, no headaches from obnoxious synthetic scents, and the prices were affordable!

It has now been 6 years since I signed up as a consultant in 2016, and not only have I been able to provide safe skincare for my family, I've been able to help hundreds of women find products that work for them and their families. I thought it would be a fun side hobby, but it is now my at-home business while I stay home with my kids. It gives me something outside of homeschool and kids to do for my own outlet. I have made so many like-minded friends, met a lot of people both in my community and online, and helped our family budget.

I'm excited you are here - whether you are wanting skincare for yourself or you want to start your own side hobby or business, I am here to help! Reach out any time! :)

March Specials

Want to tell your friends about Lemongrass?

Text me at 443.266.3803 to get a date on your calendar!

If you are local to me, I can bring a spa experience to you and your friends. If you aren't local, we can have a fun and educational virtual workshop!

Redness on face —

Here are my top suggested Lemongrass products

Everyone's skin is so different - please feel free to text me at (443) 266-3803 if you want some personalized help choosing what would be best to try for your skin. Also, we have a 60-day exchange policy - just let me know if something isn't working for you and we can get something else of your choice sent out to you.

Starter Skin Set

The Starter Skin Set includes a prebiotic facial wash and a prebiotic face mist. Our prebiotic line helps to balance the pH of the skin using ingredients such as sea kelp. Many people have said the prebiotic line helps to reduce redness. The Coconut Rehab Creme is also included, which is a very lightweight moisturizer which protects against sun damage and contains vegan squalene.

Click here to order the Starter Skin Set or learn more about it

Complete Complexion Collection

This set has some overlap with the Starter Skin Set in that it offers a wash, mist, and moisturizer. I am including the entire set so you can see the options at a glance. The items from this set that are most talked about as helping with redness are the Rose Water Mist and the Hydrating Polish and Mask. These are very moisturizing and soothing, and help to develop healthy skin. Each of these items can be purchased separately. Feel free to contact me if you want personalized recommendations.

Click here to order the Complete Complexion Collection or to learn more about it.

Customized Sheer Minerals Starter Kit

Many women find that protecting their skin from the sun is helpful in controlling redness. You don't need harmful chemicals on your face to have protection - our mineral make up offers natural sunblock. Check out the ingredients list - only 5 items!!! You can also choose the Green Corrector as one of the items in this starter kit - green helps to balance out red, and it is designed specifically for helping to cover redness. There are lots of options available in this set - feel free to reach out for personalized color matching and advice!

Click here to order the Sheer Minerals Starter Kit or to learn more about it

Bliss Box Summary

Bliss Boxes are a limited-quantity special box released 4-5 times a year. The boxes sell out within days, often within hours - if you want to be on my list to get notifications, text me at 443.266.3803

Want to see previous Bliss Boxes? Scroll through :) We never know what is coming until it is released. It's a fun surprise! :)

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Amy's Fall Skincare Link

Welcome! I'm Stephanie, Amy's friend since college days. We both homeschool and are married to pastors, so have continued to have a fair amount in common. ;) I "met" some of you last year and some of you maybe I haven't met yet. Glad you're here either way!

Lemongrass Spa was introduced to me 7 years ago when I was looking for skincare products for my kids that had clean ingredients AND worked AND were affordable. I found it all! Lemongrass has made a huge difference in my family. Not only do we have pretty much all the nontoxic products we need for bathing, skincare, make up, etc, but we also have extra income that I make while staying home with my kids. Plus, I've made so many amazing friends, I get to do fun things like facials for groups of fabulous women, and I have learned a ton about safe skincare! I'm happy all the way around! ;)

I am extremely passionate about healthy living and healthy hearts. If there's one thing I want you to know this week, it is that you are beautiful and loved and you are enough. No matter what you are facing in your life right now, take a look in the mirror, smile, and know that God made YOU so unique and for a special purpose. Tell yourself that over and over. I am always here if you want to talk about your skin, or if you want to talk about your heart. Just reach out!

(make sure to watch my video below!)

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New this year

Check out the latest catalog! There are some new additions since some of you shopped last year - they are marked "new" in the catalog ;) (The catalog doesn't include the seasonal fall and holiday items that are out right now too - look below for the links to those.)

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Fall Collections
Holiday Collections

October Specials

October Specials

Every month, we have different specials. Don't miss these! The Pink Healing Balm is only available in October.

Love what you see?

Are you loving everything Lemongrass Spa has and want to either get 25% off your own purchases or be able to supplement your income by doing what I do? I have been so amazed to make so many new friends, learn so much about skincare, and help pay our bills. And no worries, Lemongrass is a super low-key company that absolutely will not push you or penalize you or anything else - if you want a discount, great. If you want a side hobby, great. If you want a business, great. You make of it what you want and if you're on my team I'm right beside you to help you out as much or as little as you want. No pressure!

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I would absolutely love to be able to help you tell your friends about Lemongrass Spa! All you have to do is ask your friends if they want to join you for some online fun learning about safe skincare, and I do the rest. Plus, you can earn great shopping credit toward that wishlist that I know is growing. ;)

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Get to know me and my dog Hollie :)

Get to know me and my dog Hollie :)

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