Partnering with Powerhouse Women to Build Rock-Solid Empires While Transforming Physical and Financial Wellbeing

Imagine, waking up feeling healthy, happy and vibrant every morning, no more snooze button, no more dragging yourself out of bed – waking up feeling AMAZING!

Also imagine, that you get to CHOOSE how to spend your day. No more rushing to work, fighting traffic, stressing about being late for a meeting. Maybe today is a pamper day. Maybe you decide to go hiking. Maybe it’s a road trip, or a long lunch with friends. Imagine having choices!

My name is Stephanie Blackbird and for years I worked my butt of to build other people’s dreams and other people’s businesses. I was left feeling stressed out, burned out, unappreciated and longing for more! I felt like I was put on this earth to make a difference, not just to make a living. I was existing, and my son was for sure not getting the best of me – I was a stressed out mama!

I had a passion for people, for wellness, for personal development, for giving back, and very few opportunities to live into those passion, because I was so busy trying to make ends meet.

Have you ever thought – “There has to be more to life than this”? Have you ever longed for more abundance? More freedom to say YES to things you have had to say no to? More opportunity to make a difference in the world?

I was in that place of wanting to BE more, to DO more and to GIVE more, and I could not figure out how to get out of the rat race.

The purely by the Law of Attraction and divine intervention, when I was at my lowest physically, emotionally and financially, a beacon of HOPE came into my life! An answer to my fervent prayers.

That answer first helped me completely transform physically and emotionally, then also became my vehicle to build a financial fortress around my family that is impenetrable!
I truly believe we all deserve to live in a healthy, vibrant body and to own our life, and I get to help other women do just that!

If you are looking to …

• Feel healthy and vibrant in your body
• Create the life of your dreams
• Live life to the fullest potential
• Create financial independence

If you are longing for more and are intrigued by what you read, or just want to connect to explore how to I may be able to help you, book a virtual tea with me on the link below. I’m happy to chat.

With Love,

Stephanie Blackbird