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Born and raised outside of the USA, a world traveler who currently calls Maryland her home. Always dreamed of being a whale trainer and owning a Jeep, ended up a Marine Biologist, Veterinary Technician, wife to an incredible man and mom to two wonderful fur monster rescues, and did get the Jeep.

Most importantly? I wake up everyday with purpose and passion to pursue my dreams (not whale training anymore). Entrepreneurship was never something I thought I would end up adding to lifestyle but my life has been a series of left and right turns that have lead me here. I am always terrified that I’ll go off the side of the road that is my journey, but even so I show up. Every Day.

Living a life in which I get to call the shots and create my own freedom while helping other women thrive in their own way with purpose and a mission to make their dreams come true!

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Average Days Are In the Past

Life should be a rollecoaster filled with opportunities!

No two days are the same for me! I am a total adrenaline junky and my jobs are proof of that I work in a Veterinary ER, so 3 times a week you can find me working on complicated cases and surgeries, taking care of sick pups or kitties.

While other days you can find me at my desk with my dogs answering emails, working on trainings, hosting calls, or mentoring my girls.

I make sure to make time to go on date nights with my husband while planning our future home and our honeymoon!

I am just like you nothing special about me all I have done differently is decided to take my dreams and make them a reality.

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