Hey sister, I’m Steph!

I could be that girl on your newsfeed that changes your life forever!

5 years ago, I though I had acheived everything I had set out to since childhood ... I graduated from college, secured my teaching license, traveled internationally, landed my first teaching job, got married, served in ministry alongside my rock-star hubby & even found out we were expecting our very first child!

As we were about to welcome our son into the world, our lives were turned completely upside down. We moved back in with family. My husband’s health kept hitting new lows. Eventually, our little family was separated for a few months, as he moved across the country to regain his sight after being told he was blind. Over the next few years, we went through TRANSITION after TRANSITION after TRANSITION. We were humbled, broken & shaped in unbelievable ways.

After going through extreme financial turmoil, I cried out to God for an opportunity that would provide us with FINANCIAL FREEDOM + mobility ... I cried out for MORE!

The weights were all miraculously lifted in an instant. Shortly after welcoming our 2nd child into the world, we both landed dream positions in our vocational fields & stumbled upon an amazing opportunity that was clearly the answer for MORE I that I had been praying for!