About Me

Hey, I'm Steph.

I help humans like you remember who they are and reconnect with their innner magic.

Growing up I was a sensitive, psychic intuitive child. Like many, I shut down my healing gifts to fit into this world, and often felt misunderstood.

I spent years trying to heal from my own trauma. Somehow, years of therapy kept me locked into repeating my stories over and over again.

During the last two years, I experienced a gradual kundalini awakening which catalyzed my healing and allowed me to tap back into my gifts.

I recently left my nursing career to answer the call to be of greater service to humanity, and work in the more subtle realms of healing.
Through reconnecting with herbalism, I've been reminded that plants hold the key to healing many diseases of the modern world.

Is it my opinion that the integration of ancient healing wisdom into the western world is imperative for humanity.

To empower you spiritually, I use the astrological system as a personnalized tool to guide you into the understanding of your own energetics.

I believe this ancient system is a way of journeying back to Self and making the best of our human experience as it presents us with a kind of blueprint or map of our Soul.
It allows us to gain deeper understanding of our blockages + innate gifts.

If you feel the call to be guided by me, I welcome you on this journey and look forward to unlocking the magic of your own remembrance.

In deep reverence,
Namaste 🙏🏻