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All things step parenting, day to day tips & tricks on organizing life’s chaos and how to keep your families vibes positive.🌸✌🏻

If you’ve stumbled upon my page you may be wondering; “who’s this? Why should I follow?” Well I am a 26yr old Bonus Mom to a beautiful 6yr old girl. I can’t say life is always rainbows & butterflies but then again life wouldn’t be as exciting if it was. If you are a step mom or even a Bio mom looking for insight into our family life then you’ve come to the right place! Stay tuned for posts about daily life, struggles of parenting/coparenting, tips & tricks on organization, resources that have helped me and good vibes.


~My journey to becoming a step parent~

My partner and I met on a dating site!! How 21st century of us. And if I’m being honest we were not an instantaneous item. We didn’t meet in person for a few months and just spoke as friends in the beginning. I knew from the start that he had a daughter who had just turned 2. I think it was the best thing we have done was speaking for so long before meeting because we got to know each other on a “non-dating” level. Even after we met in person I still didn’t meet the little one for a good while. I have now been around since 2016 and she is the absolute best thing to have come into my life; as well as her Dad ;) Some days can be tough but that is the excitement of having kids whether it be full time or shared time. It has taken time but we’ve grown from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies.


~ Finding my role ~

Anyone who has started a relationship with someone who has a child knows how difficult the balance can be of having a say & over stepping. When is the right time for you to have an opinion? When can you step in and say no to something? The truth is there is no definitive answer. Your partner & you have to set your own boundaries between the two of you & between your coparent. This can be a very delicate situation in some cases. For us the time came for this especially once we moved in together. My partner has always set out the rules with my stepdaughter from the beginning that I would have the same answer/rules as Daddy would so I was to be respected & listened to. This has aided in the relationship she & I both have now. I have always been able to look after her, take her places & spend time with her without fear she would “go rogue” and not listen to me. Not only are boundaries & rules important for a step parent & a child but they are also VERY important for a coparent. Setting boundaries can be difficult especially in the beginning; because the other party can feel attacked or even not respected. However it is vital to have these in place if a coparenting relationship is going to work. 4 years in and I can’t say it gets any easier. There will still be disagreements, whether it be something small or big; but having the initial foundation of expectations can be essential to diffusing a situation.