Timothy Heller and More —

This section will be divided into separate points.

• Timothy's Story
• How Fans Argue Against the Proven Effects of Trauma
• Timothy's Promotion of Her Art
• Piper Sweeney's Awful Video
• Melanie's Statement
• Globelamp's Manipulative Leaking of Private Messages
• Timothy Being Shady
• Continuing the Relationship with Melanie
• Switching Between Hypo & Hyper Sexuality
• The Faked "Screenshot"
• Timothy Never Recanted.
• Madeleine Carina's Story

Timothy's Story

On December 4th 2017, Timothy Heller, Melanie's former best friend released a statement claiming she was raped and abused. In her original statement, Timothy claims Melanie had pressured, begged, and otherwise coerced her, until she eventually gave in. Later on in an interview she provided additional details (which she doesn't have to do) stating they had bought a sex game, an important detail that does not contradict her original statement. Melanie's coercion was still coercion even if she was attempting to coerce consent for prompt actions from the game they were playing.

Consent to buy a game is NOT consent to sex. Consent to buy a game is NOT consent to PLAY that game nor any/all game prompts. Timothy agreeing to buy said game does NOT mean that she was not pressured into sex. Consent is still necessary for any and ALL sexual acts, including game play.

Inconsistencies? Or just ignoring factually proven effects of trauma and having ALL of your argument hinge on an incorrect date being given so that you have an excuse to call a victim a liar?

After harassment from Melanie fans, Timothy attempted to give a date for her assault. Something that she never should have been pressured to do. Trauma has been proven to have drastic effects on memory and MANY victims can not pin point the exact date of their trauma.

We now know that she was mistaken about the date she gave. Many fans cling to this singular date being incorrect ("she was on tour when it should have happened", "they were in different locations", "hair colors/tattoos don't match during that date") in an attempt to prove Timothy's story is false. However, the timeline was never beneficial in Timothy/Melanie's case because the sexual interaction was CONFIRMED BY BOTH PARTIES despite NEITHER providing an accurate date. This means that the date being incorrect HOLDS NO BEARING on the truth of Timothy's story. We KNOW a sexual interaction occurred even without an exact date; and it does NOTHING to show whether or not consent was given.

How Trauma Effects Memory

Stream Sleep ✨

Although not directly related to her statement, Melanie fans also attempt to discredit Timothy's story by pointing out that Timothy had her newest single "Sleep" pinned to her profile, which meant anyone who opened her account would've seen it as the first thing. Although her song was displayed on her profile for quite a while before she released her story, this is still used to paint Timothy under the age-old rape-culture rhetoric of "attention-seeking".

Melanie fans did not seem to expect or judge Melanie for not halting her career at the time of the allegations; even supporting her release of a diss track about the allegations for clout. However, Timothy also not pausing her career is used against her, just a little detail that I thought was quite... hypocritical.

Survivors do not have to put a stop to their careers in order to be taken seriously when speaking out about their trauma.

Sleep ✨

Piper Sweeney takes 2 hours to prove nothing.

Piper Sweeney being a victim does NOT in any way erase or excuse the blatant victim-shaming all throughout their Melanie defense videos. In fact, it adds to my disgust.

Piper uses anecdotal information to shame other victims for reacting to trauma differently than they personally did or feel that they would have.

Piper also openly admits to being biased multiple times. Not only do they have biased opinions due to victims not reacting to trauma in the same way as them; but they are also biased due to past experiences with a "BFF who was alot like Timothy".

Piper's opinions, conspiracy theories, and anecdotal information are also easily seen as JUST THAT through factually proven information and statistics.

For example, Piper claims that she's had several friends make false rape allegations in the past, and uses this anecdotal claim to try to support her viewpoint that "lying about rape is actually a HUGE problem that happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME".
However, this is NOT true.
In fact, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center only between 2% and 10% of rape allegations are false, making false claims more of an anomaly. So research shows that rates of false reporting are actually frequently INFLATED.

Lastly, Piper themselves explains that their videos do not solidly prove anything. Piper's videos do not contain irrefutable evidence. They simply created a theory using Occam's Razor bc they would desperately like to believe the "simplest" explanation to be the truth.
But since when are rape, trauma, and it's psychological effects ever SIMPLE? I wonder how many more victims would receive nothing but shame if our justice system was simply based off of Occams Razor like Piper Sweeney's theory.

Tldr: Piper Sweeney's video does not prove Melanie Martinez's innocence. Piper themselves knows that can not be irrefutably proven. So stop desperately sharing the video as if it contains a smoking gun instead of 2 hours worth of victim-shaming.
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Statistics on False Reporting

Melanie's Statement

On December 5th 2017, Melanie released her statement.

Many fans try to explain away her use of "She never said no to what we chose to do together" for her, due to "she never said no" being a common phrase used among rapists.

However, it is not up to Melanie's fans to "explain what she meant". Melanie never corrected this statement, despite having years to do so. I would personally want to fully disclose that I received express consent & that I understand that the absence of a no is not consent. But Melanie CHOSE to leave us with this vague statement (pictured above) in which she never had to specifically (and simply) state that she received consent.

Furthermore, Melanie herself confirms that a sexual interaction did in fact occur between her and Timothy at some point by saying "she never said no to what we chose to do together".


Globelamp posed as a friend to Timothy in voluntarily "publicly defending" her in the hopes that she'd be obligated to return the "favor".

However, we all know that when you do something for someone only in the hopes of receiving something back in this manner that makes it an act of manipulation, not kindness.

So when Timothy did not return what Globelamp saw as an obligatory favor to be completed at the expense of Timothy's mental health in order to remain a "good friend" in her eyes; Globelamp responded by flipping to Timothy's abuser's side & claiming her abuse was a lie. Truly toxic, manipulative, abusive behavior from Globelamp.

Globelamp leaked private conversations in an attempt to shame Timothy for being triggered by seeing her rapist continuously pop up on her timeline despite measures taken to try to prevent this along with consistent harassment from Melanie fans in the comments of every post she makes via ANY social site. However, the only thing Globelamp successfully "outed" as toxic was herself. As pictured above, Globelamp openly admits that although she called Timothy a liar she has no evidence to support such a statement.

But if we can prove Timothy has done bad things, won't that prove she wasn't assaulted? NO.

Many Melanie fans try to prove Timothy is a shady person in order to prove Mel's innocence. However, even if Timothy can successfully be proven to be a bad person; that still would not prove her story as false. "Bad" people can still be assaulted. There is no such thing as a perfect victim. Even if a person has done shady things, that does not excuse the trauma they have faced; nor does it mean they "deserved it".

Continuing the Relationship

In 2016 Timothy was dressing up as Melanie and according to a curious cat, her and Melanie were still friends in 2017, the same year the allegations came out. This is not surprising, nor does it contradict Timothy's story.

Timothy openly admitted in her original statement that she had told herself for years that what happened to her "wasn't a big deal", that she "wasn't hurt by it", and that even at the time of accepting/coming out with her story she still LOVED her abuser. These are all COMMON feelings which MANY victims feel for their abusers which is why we so often see abusive relationships continue or see victims go back to their abusers after "getting out".

Why People Love Abusers

Switching between hyposexuality and hypersexuality

Another proven effect of trauma which people commonly try to use against Timothy is the switching between hypo & hyper sexuality. Timothy has voiced feeling sexually repulsed at times; leading others to judge her when she posts anything sexual. However, it is also completely normal for victims of sexual assault to switch between feelings of hypersexuality and hyposexuality.

It's also normal for people to want to choose how/when they talk about their trauma.

It's also normal to talk about trauma frequently when that trauma is constantly being brought up.

If you want her to stop talking about it, maybe YOU should consider shutting the fuck up.

The Science Behind This

"But didn't Timothy admit to lying?"

No, Timothy never said she lied.
Melanie fans spread an edited Instagram story to claim she did.
While it was fairly obvious to be a fake, the story could also be tracked back to a Melanie fan-account (@/herecomesdeliveryday) which has since been deleted.

When Timothy accused Melanie, dozens of articles were written about it, yet there’s none about her ‘admitting she lied’ because it never happened.

This is why all of these supposed "screenshots" can be tracked back to fan-accounts. Another truly gross display of harassment.

Timothy Never Recanted.

Despite the constant, daily harassment from Melanie fans which has continued for 5+years (including faked screenshots, doxxing, leaking OF content, etc.) Timothy has reconfirmed that she never lied about the allegations.

Madeleine Carina's Story

After Timothy accused Melanie, another woman (Madeleine Carina) came forward with a similar story, saying that Melanie wore her down by begging her over and over to have sex until she gave in.
This is by definition sexual coercion.

However, Melanie fans tend to focus on Timothy's story as though it were the only accusation, possibly because they found her to be an easier victim to attack.