Storm Company Airsoft

An airsoft group for good comrades.

Hello all! The Storm Company Airsoft group is a group of lads who have a passion for shooting fake guns and hearing someone yell “Hit!” as a result. The main group is based in Ohio with a second branch in Alabama and new one in Missouri. How is this possible? We’re all good friends! Airsoft is a great pastime to meet new people and get a good work out in. But anyway, welcome to the website!

Meet The Team!

Comrades until the end!

Our team of members are all good friends and have been for multiple years. The team also doesn’t have a set number of people as new members join all the time! We use numbers as a way to identify people quickly.
(Note: this list is incomplete)
From the Ohio branch:
From the Alabama branch:
From the Missouri branch:
Again this list is always changing, and the other branches all intermingle within one another.

Does the Russian want war?

Why do we use Russian gear mostly?

As you may have seen, we use mostly Russian gear. This is because all of us have an admiration for Soviet/Russian military gear. Whether it be vehicles, weapons, clothing, or anything in between, we all have a fondness of it. Most airsoft players in the US have American military gear or weaponry. We use Russian gear to also stand out from the rest, showing everyone we are different! The camouflage pattern we use mostly is the ATACS-FG variant, used by the Russian military. Some of the team members use a special pattern of camouflage called “Digital-Flora” or simply “Digi-Flora” which is mostly used by the Russian Army. As far as weapons, everyone primarily sticks to Russian guns such as the AK family of firearms. This includes the AK-74, the AK-74u, AK-105, and the RPK-16. Other guns used are the PP-19 ‘Vityaz’, the OTs-03 SVU, the PKM, the SVD, and the RPG-7. Sidearms vary from member to member on where the guns inspiration comes from.


Great Gear means Great Fun.

You may wonder where we get all of our gear. The answer is various places online and sometimes in military surplus stores that are local. The main places online vary from member to member, but the one that stands out uniform and non-weapon gear wise is Greyshop. Greyshop is a Russian based Airsoft store with fast shipping and lots of uniforms, helmets, boots, and accessories. Weapon-wise we mostly use Check out those amazing websites for great gear and good prices.

Storm Stories

Spotlight on our Comrade, Xeno!

Service Number: 04
Rank: Jr. Lieutenant
Role: Sniper
Years of Service: 4

In our next installment of Storm Stories, we spoke to our comrade who wished to be called “Xeno”!

What is your favorite airsoft memory?
Xeno: “Probably at blast camp. I got a shot that was at least 250 feet.”

What part of your kit would you say is your favorite?
Xeno: “That would be my battle belt. It holds everything I need, has room for patches, but most importantly my tactical vape pouch.”

What advice would you give to new members or players?
Xeno: “Just make sure you’re always having fun blyat.”

Xeno is part of the main Ohio Detachment of Storm Company Airsoft and we thank him for being an amazing member of the team!