Strange Treats

Delicious sweets

Hi my name is Cailen! I am 11 years old and I absolutely love baking! I have been baking since I was 4 years old ( with help of my mom of course) and it has become one of my major hobbies. I am so blessed to have been given this gift from God. I hope I meet your satisfactions when I whip up your treat! If you would like to place an order text or call my mom. 817-675-7884. Enjoy!

4th of July 2019

Simple but cute!

This definitely one of my favorite cakes I have ever made it is simple , creative and delicious!! ( on the inside it is colored blue red and white)

    Cake camp

    Night time cake

    Cake camp is a camp that allows kids to experience the area of baking. I go each year and it always helps me in getting better. At the end of each week you make the final cake and my was this!

    Fiesta cake

    Reminder : you can order any kind of cake cupcakes or cookies or any treat you would like ! These are just examples of what I can do

    This fiesta cake is so fun to make and it has so many colors which I love! My family loves to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and enjoy some Mexican food with some cake for dessert!

    4th of July 2021

    Most recent cake

    This is my most recent cake I have made! I love this cake it was definitely time consuming though and again it is dyed on the inside red white and blue

    Christmas cake 2016

    Another simple one!

    My mom had a video of me and her making it and I had absolutely no idea I did most of it I thought I just put on sprinkles and ate icing! But I was proved wrong! 😂

    Princess cake

    Got a kit for Christmas!

    This is a kit I got for Christmas and wanted to start immediately! It was so fun and they were so small and cute!

      Christmas cake with Sophia! ❤️

      Happy memories

      I made this cake with one of my oldest best friends! Sophia is great at baking she has gone to cake camp as well! I had so much fun making this with her and I hope to do it again

      Gingerbread house building

      Family tradition

      This is a tradition that my family does every year and it is so much fun! Throughout the years my mom and dad has helped me but I think I got it down now cause mine always looks the best.😁

        Chocolate chip cookies

        Hard work!

        This was definitely one of the hardest things because I was making 3 dozen cookies for an order but we doubled a recipe thinking we would get 4 dozen but we got 75 cookies which is 6 dozen plus 3 extra! We sold the extra dozens and kept a few for the fam! This was SO tiring because after I had to make 3 lemon cake orders! But nevertheless it was soooo much fun! 🤩