About me!

I am creative and talented editor.

I created my YouTube account on 27th August 2018 and my Wattpad Account a year ago today.

I love making videos and writing made-up stories to expand on the stories of stranger things and the cast members life.

I am truly confident and can do video and story requests when given.

I love to make videos as I enjoy it a lot and get to see my work to come to life.

I do not get paid for doing these. I wish to do this sort of role for a career Base if I ever get the opportunity.

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Wattpad Page —

I recommend to visit my Wattpad page if you haven't already.

I can create, romance, horror, fantasy, mystery etc. I liked to read as well as write my own versions of stories that I have read or makeup.

I like to make videos and Base the stories off the videos. I tend to make one-shots because they're short chapters and very snappy. Although I like to write actually stories with a continuous storyline.

Check out Younger Us (Fillie Story), younger us (sequel), Cry baby (Finn wolfhard story) and Wolfhard (Finn Wolfhard).

Wolfhard Story

I am currently writing this story. There are lots of chapters to read till I update.

Wolfhard (Finn Wolfhard)

Younger Us

I have completed this story. There are 2 parts to this story.

Younger Us (Fillie Story)

Cry Baby

I made my first published book. This was based off a film named Cry baby and changed it a little to make into a sensible and romantic story for Finn.

Cry Baby (Finn Wolfhard Story)

One Shots

My most viewed story of a Mileven one-shot of season 2 leading to season 3.

Mileven One-shots

Pregnancy Story

I made my first pregnancy story for Eleven. I uploaded the video on YouTube before I started on the story.

Unplanned (Eleven's Pregnancy)

My YouTube channel

Stranger Things Fan/Lover

I created my account round 27th August 2018. I have been making videos and posting them daily. I handle requests and like to make a video stories or videos on the cast of stranger things.

Unplanned (Eleven's Pregnancy)

Mike & Eleven EDIT

If Eleven Died

If Mike Wheeler Died

Mileven - El Gives Birth

Elastic Heart (Eleven + Characters)

Finn & Millie - Like That