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Thx for all my followers and ibfs/friends in 5 months.(dec 25) I just wanna say tysm for almost 3k (possibly now 3k) and all my best friends and friends! 🐰

Here’s the fonts I use!

( give tc if u use my theme in ur bio )

Hey! Here are my fonts I use (I have 280,I’ll just tell 5-10.) and remember,don’t give me creds for the fonts,give me creds for my theme! Idc if u forgot or forgot I made it,please give me creds and me ONLY! Give cc to dotscr if u use my coloring,I don’t want tc in caption or comments,do it in bio please! And don’t give me cc give it to dotscr,now here’s the font pack!!

-hug me tight
-garlic salt

These were a few I forgot to mention in my font pack, so check out my font pack!

Here’s my coloring!


Again,give credits to dotscr for the coloring ,not me!!

First off you wanna go to “24FPs” which is only available in IOS/iPhones! Then ur gonna find the QR code for “hush”. The way to import the filter is on the next slide!
So after u imported ur filter,hush.Your gonna save the video
And go launch up prequel,go to effects and put dust! Dust:100 filter:0
Go to adjust,
Highlights,contrast,shadows -50
Blur 50
Go to colourtone after saving ur video,and then use the filter “marble” by jasmine hand!