The Perfect Farmhouse Candle

Natural Soy Wax + Essential Oils + All Natural Handmade Fragrance Oils

The perfect candle that also serves as farmhouse decor is what I have created! I value natural, eco friendly products that are effective. I have created a natural candle that has a strong scent throw and fills up your home like a candle should! I blend fragrance oils with essential oils for great scents, while having the benefits of using essential oils. I strongly believe in natural products that are safe for your home and family. Unlike my candles, many candles contain other waxes that are NOT natural and harmful to your home and family. I use the maximum amount of oils to create the best scent throw. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches and custom poured for you!

Links for Tiered Tray & Decor

Tiered Tray & Decor Under 18$

This is where I found all of decor for my tray, and the tray was only 65$! I didn’t realize there was so much mini decor for trays! There are hundreds of shops! They all came from Etsy or FB marketplace which means they are handmade and customizable. The decor looks great on shelves, tables, lazy Susan, and trays!
+I just used a coffee cup that I already had with our initial on it. Any type of cup or canister you already have would look great.
*These shops or sellers have many others amazing items to choose from!

About Me

Starting a Business with Nothing but a Passion + Goals

Hey there! I’m Lindsay Stroud, the owner of Stroud’s Simply Southern Co. I am a middle school math teacher, and mom of 3. I live North of Nashville, TN and love all things southern and modern farmhouse!
I started this business from my home when the pandemic hit, since I went from working full time to at home full time.
I have always wanted to have my own business, so I just decided to go for it and learn as I go. I have always LOVED candles, but was tired of wasting money on candles that didn’t smell or weren’t healthy.
That’s when I started countless hours researching and testing before I ever launched the business. That’s how Stroud Simply Southern was born!

Taking Care of Your Mental & Emotional Health

Why You Should Be Burning My Soy Candles